Introducing a multitude of new laptops. We are seeing a bunch of new laptops from the company as they have updated the specs of both the AORUS and AERO series of laptops.

Both these series of laptops are created for different types of users, but at its core, all new AERO and AORUS laptops pack the latest 10th Gen Intel Core processors with NVIDIA’s latest SUPER GPUs for laptops.

AORUS laptops

Focused on the world of gamers, the new AORUS laptops double down on gaming-centric features. The new AORUS laptop – particularly the AORUS 15G that we got to try out nearly a month ago – now has a few key highlights.

Gigabyte AORUS 15G

Firstly, it has a mechanical keyboard now. It is using an Omron switch which is tactile and clicky. However, it’s very different compared to the Cherry MX Blue’s feeling. It’s hard to describe and we need more time to test the keyboard before passing any judgment.

Gigabyte AORUS 15G

Secondly, AORUS is including the option for up to 240Hz refresh rate. A high refresh rate display does indeed help in competitive gaming.

Gigabyte AORUS 15G

Thirdly, a new cooling system is also in place. While we do not have our screwdriver set with us at all times, the ventilation holes at the bottom of the laptop made it easy for us to look at its internals. We did see a lot of heatpipes.

AERO laptops

The Gigabyte AERO series of laptops are focused on content creators. Colors are very important and that is why Gigabyte is doubling down on color accuracy this time around.

Gigabyte has partnered with X-rite Pantone to ensure the displays are color calibrated to provide the most accurate color reproduction. Gigabyte promises Delta E<2, whereby any inaccuracies are said to be imperceivable by the human eyes.

Gigabyte AERO 15 OLED

For the IPS LCD models, the Gigabyte AERO laptops are available in up to 144Hz refresh rate – so we can all still play games after doing some creative work. And now, Gigabyte also upgraded the cooling system for the AERO series of laptops – and they’re now using the WINDFORCE Infinity cooling system.

Gigabyte AERO 15 OLED

The AERO series of laptops – as it is focused on content creation, it has a speedy UHS-II SD card reader too. Thank you Gigabyte for including that a speedy full-sized SD reader.

Gigabyte is also including NVIDIA’s Studio drivers out of the box, which is optimized to work better with 40 over content creation apps.

Availability and pricing

Gigabyte Notebooks provided us the full list of all the variants alongside the official pricing too. Starting from 16th April, all AERO and AORUS series of laptops will be available to purchase.

Gigabyte AORUS 2020 specs list
List of AORUS laptops available.
Gigabyte AERO 2020 specs list
List of AERO laptops available.

Where to buy?

Click here to check out the list of official Gigabyte laptop retails.

If there are any questions about Gigabyte AORUS or AERO series of laptops, do reach out to them over at their Facebook page.


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