Introducing GAMDIAS ZEUS Esport Edition Laser Gaming Mouse

A month ago, we’ve been posting reviews for quite a few models of the GAMDIAS gaming mice. Today what we have here is the ZEUS, GAMDIAS’ current flagship gaming mouse.

Read on for our thoughts on the God of the sky, lightning, thunder, law, order, justice.

GAMDIAS ZEUS Esport Edition priced at MYR399

Tech Specs

Tech specifications taken straight from GAMDIAS ZEUS official website.

Weight System Yes (4.5g x5)
Cable Length 2M
Keys 11 Keys
Resolution up to 8200 DPI
Polling Rate 125 / 250 / 500 /1000 Hz
Onboard Memory 512KB
Dimension(LxWxH) 127.14 x 84.46 x 43.2 mm
Tracking Method Advanced Gaming Laser Sensor
Switch Lifecycle 11 Million
Graphical UI Yes (GAMDIAS HERA)


Just like how the other packagings on GAMDIAS products, the box itself reeks quality, especially the box itself feels a lot more solid compared to other gaming mice on the market. Shiny gold strips and embossed GAMDIAS logos makes the box screams luxury.

The front lid secured by a magnet can be opened to reveal the ZEUS mouse. Unfortunately, there’s another transparent plastic cover protecting the mouse. So you can’t really try your hands on the mouse’s shape unlike some other gaming mouse packagings on the market.

But then, there’s a trick for that transparent cover, which when you remove the top cover, the it would act like a display box for your mouse or miniature figure collection.

What’s in the box:

  • GAMDIAS ZEUS laser gaming mouse
  • GAMDIAS logo sticker
  • Quick start guide
  • GAMDIAS Olympics brochure
  • Accessory pouch
  • Weight system holder
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene feet (mouse feet)
  • Velcro cable tie

GAMDIAS provides an accessory pouch to hold the weight management holder and the extra mouse feet, so that you won’t lost those crucial yet miniature accessories.

Just like how GAMDIAS keep emphasizing their motto of combining performance gaming peripherals and creative designs, even the USB connector itself have to be shaped differently from the common ones. This is certainly helps when you’re trying to find and disconnect your mouse from the crowded USB ports.

By the way, the cable itself is braided for extra durability, what not, it even comes with a velcro cable tie.

Closer Look

At a first glance, most of the people would immediately notice the vast amount of buttons available on this mouse. In fact there are 11 buttons available for your command on the ZEUS:

  • 2 primary left & right buttons
  • 1 scroll wheel click
  • 4 thumb function buttons
  • 1 left primary side function button
  • 3 middle function buttons (below scroll wheel)

The clicks are responsive and provides a subtle “click” feedback. The primary keys does not require much force to trigger and they feels natural for repeated clicks throughout the gaming session.

Meanwhile, all the functions buttons has a particular springy or mushy feel before the click actuates. I find this helps me to use my finger to “feel” through the buttons (find the button). The left primary side function button feels a lot more stiffer, I’m not sure whether it is designed as so to prevent accidental clicks since the default function is profile switching.

I have to talk about the scroll wheel design which I find is a little bit uncomfortable to use. Normally our mouse’s scroll wheels would have horizontal stripes so that we can easily scroll them upwards/downwards, but then GAMDIAS’ mices came with vertical stripes instead. Although the surface of the scroll wheel is rubberized, but still I find it difficult to make micro scrolls unless I put some extra effort.

Obviously, the overall shape design and button layout are positioned to cater right handed users. Build quality is absolutely satisfactory. The surface of the ZEUS has smooth rubberized finish which improves the comfort of holding the mouse while maintaining the grip-ability of it. Even unique is the body design of the mouse which you can clearly see from the image above has its own purpose. We’ll get to that in a short moment.

There’s a lot of activities going on at the bottom of the mouse. Remember those unique side flaps on the mouse? Three special scroll wheels are found under the mouse to allow users to customize the side flaps to fit their hand. Take a look at the photos below:

Sliding and flipping up the bottom flap reveals the weight management chamber where you can fit in the weight buttons to customize your preferred mouse weight.

The weight management buttons – each weights 4.5g.

5 units of these totals up to 22.5g customizable weight for ZEUS.

Some picture of the ZEUS’ illumination in the dark.


Moving on into the HERA driver software which you need to download the latest version from GAMDIAS website. When you fire up the HERA driver software, it immediately detects your connected GAMDIAS peripherals and download the required components from the internet.

The Key Assignment tab allows you to assign different functions to each buttons on the mouse. Simply click on the buttons on the ZEUS mouse figure, select the intended functions, then click on the Save Changes button beside the minimize button at the top right.

All the configurations will be saved in the on board memory so that you don’t have to worry about whether your tournament PC have the driver software or not.

By the way, HERA also provides the Profile Match feature where you can assign a specific profile to a couple applications. The next time you runs your selected application/game, HERA would automatically switch your profile. But then, I’d prefer HERA to switch back the default profile after I ended my application/game.

Next up would be the Macro Management where you can setup your preferred macro actions, then assign to any buttons on the ZEUS.

From here you’re basically deal with all the settings of the high precision laser sensor.

Configuring the ZEUS’ illumination couldn’t be any easier. In fact too simple for my taste. We get to choose different colours for each Profile and DPI. However, there are only 6 predefined colours available. No RGB sliders…

This is one of the most unique and weird feature that came along with the driver software. You can set a particular button on the mouse to play a sound or runs a timer.

Stat for nerds.

Final Thoughts

GAMDIAS ZEUS Esport Edition Laser Gaming Mouse


  • Solid and premium build quality
  • High quality braided cable with velcro cable tie
  • Weight management kit
  • Extra set of mouse feet
  • 11 customizable buttons and lighting via GAMDIAS HERA
  • 512kb on-board memory for configuration storing
  • 3 tool-less and independently adjustable side expansions


  • Scroll wheel with vertical stripe (less traction)
  • Only 6 predefined colours for illumination
  • Driver software, GAMDIAS HERA, requires extra polishing

I can see a lot of potential in this mouse. It is comfortable to hold, plenty of configurable buttons, responsive clicks with subtle feedbacks. But then, do keep in mind that the ZEUS is a relatively large mouse, if you have a small hand, you might need to check it out at your nearest store to decide if it fits your hand or not. Hardware-wise, the ZEUS is a wonderful mouse to use with except the scroll wheel.

Overall, the ZEUS is a splendid gaming mouse with tonnes of features and customizability. Well, it does comes with a rather high price tag (MYR399), but then you get what you paid for. Just look what what the ZEUS offers in a package, you get loads of configurable buttons, adjustable side expansions, customizable weight system and more.


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