So It’s the start of the year and already we have the first Malaysia IT Fair. As the team was kinda busy, we only get to cover the event on the final day, so if you see any offers that was featured here, you’d have missed it. However, all is not lost as there are 3 of these per year.

This time around, we’ll cover as many booths as possible and get the gist of what’s already here in 2014. Though I couldn’t cover all there is in the fair so I do hope I got the products that are anticipated by our readers.

Getting in quite late, most of the people are already inside so the entrance is quite clear. As usual, there will be limited products on offer for the early birds or big shoppers.

Was not expecting this ‘ink refill’ to greet us at the entrance, very enthusiastic fellow.

Already there are people at the redemption booth.

As anticipated, the event is packed with people looking for good offers on the latest gadgets.

An ongoing concert at the main stage.

First booth we see is by Acer with their line-up of laptops and mobile devices. The latest product featured here is the Aspire P3-171-5333Y4G06 (seriously?), a notebook-tablet hybrid which was going for RM2099 on the final day.

Next up is the Western Digital (WD) booth, one of the largest brand for storage solutions.

They told me that these just came in January, the My Passport Ultra. These external drives are available in a few colours and ranging from 500GB to 2TB in size and features the WD SmartWare Pro that automatically backs up the data to Dropbox.

Dell’s booth is right after with their traditional blue-white theme.

Their latest and greatest? The Ultrasharp U2414H, which I think will be one of the most sought after monitors for the year.

They also have their latest laptops in display, the Inspiron 7000 series which was going for RM2899 to RM3999 depending on the size and specs.

Seagate booth is right opposite.

They showed me a mock-up sample of the Wireless plus external drive. the actual product will feature wireless connectivity between multiple devices, it even has it’s own built-in battery. Less clutter on the go, I like 🙂 This 1TB drive was going for RM568 with power bank bundled up during the fair.

HP have two booths side by side.

and they have the HP 2020HC AIO printer with fax that has just reached our shores, quite a good deal for RM299

I was expecting a golden booth from ASUS but I guess this is their laptop booth instead of motherboards.

And just landed in January from ASUS is the N56VZ-DS71laptop

Lenovo’s booth in red, was told that there is another one inside the fair that had all their mobile phones so only Desktop PC and Laptops are presented here.

To my disappointment the Yoga 2 Pro is sold out. Was honestly looking forward to see it first-hand.. oh well…

the next booth is Tech-Titan, they carry all sorts of accessories ranging from memory cards, USB hubs and even fans (to cool the user).

Sure enough, I got directed over to their power-bank section, their latest range…

At the Toshiba booth they have two laptops that just came in this year.

The first one is U40T-A102, an going for RM2799

And the other is P50T-A102X going for RM3699 which is supposedly a gaming oriented laptop. I’ll leave the performance portion out of here first until we get to properly test a unit.

MSI was sharing the Toshiba booth. A few of their gaming laptops are on display but the GS70 20D-097MY is their latest one to be featured here.

Garmin booth featured numerous GPS and DVR this time around…

Their latest in display was the Nuvi 2567LM but pointless to show here as only the screen was visible with most of the bezel behind display panels. So I have a good friend of mine pose for the picture instead.

Printers just after that, seems to be a mixed brand booth, wasn’t able to find anyone in charge so not to sure what’s new.

Moving on to the Papago booth.

Their latest? the WayGo!600 @ RM599

and the GoSafe 350 dvr at the same price.

Jayacom’s accessories booth is right across, budget accessories from AVF, Lexma and Rapoo can be found here.

The booth’s latest is a sleek Bluetooth headset from Rapoo, the S500 at RM179.

Another big name in the printing industry is Epson.

These didn’t came just this year but the L-series are Epson’s newest line of printers available at the booth.

Jayacom also have a section just for Logitech, no new products but it’s one of the big brands for peripherals.

Some of the G-Series is on offer though.

Speaking of big brands, Razer is also displayed under Jayacom’s banner. But still, no new products featured here.

TP-Link had the TL-PA6010KIT wallplug on display for RM199 and their TL-WPA4220KIT (with WIFI clone capability) for RM179. Sadly I only realized that I do not have a photo of the products after getting back form the fair.

A-One plus decked out their booth with accessories as usual.

BenQ’s booth featured their projectors, this time around. their latest product is the MH680, a full-HD 3D projector which unfortunately did not make it to the fair to be displayed.

More accessories…

and power-banks

Apacer had lotsa products as well.

and they featured these cute little mobile flash drive that is designed to work with mobile devices natively.

Like so!, nice concept there.

not a Sandisk-specific booth, more to accessories

Occasionally, you’ll have new brands…

Lets not forget the MP3 players as well.

Jayacom’s main booth featured DIY PC this time around.

A staff explaining the features of the Thermaltake Lvl-10 GT to a customer.

And they have prepared a bundle of Razer peripherals, free for any RIG purchase of RM1000 and above. Razer fans who missed this might cry I guess.

They also have a mini booth for Asus products. Nothing was really on offer so I just took some shots for eye candy purposes.

Moving on, I see a lot of mini fans, earphones…

Handphone casings…

More Mp3 players and power banks…

Rinse and repeat…..

There is a booth featuring bags from Samsonite and Caseman. probably a good idea to get a new laptop bag.

Ah yes… the buy 1 free 7 offer for power banks…. not sure if that’s a good deal though.

went to Aztech’s booth and to my surprise, I find a robotic vacuum cleaner… I was expecting wireless devices but this really takes me back a little.

D-Link’s booth towers high for attention.

Their latest product is the DCS-5020L wireless camera (RM239). Didn’t realize I took a ‘selfie’ there.

At Lenovo’s mobile device booth, we were greeted by these ladies.. 🙂

And their newly launched Vibe-x is displayed here, no offer but the booth supervisor said will have free gift :p

and after that, we’re back to accessories…

We’ll see some maestros mounting their Ipads soon…

Thunder Match online division is here selling DotaII T-shirts.

Edifier booth is kind of subtle this time around but their line of audio products sounds impressive.

caught my attention but FOC here stands for “Flexible of Charging” instead of Free of Charge…


Yes booth in their flagship blue

and someone manage to top the buy 1 free 7…

a 40-point extension… anyone?

Some remote controlled helicopters

Chinatown!! no, it’s Tech-Titan street which means more accessories

They still get decent crowds though

but occasionally, you do get good offers

even vacuum cleaners are here

And we have the ISPs

Hello? no pne is here?? P1 needs to take a look at their staff issues

The banks are here to promote their credit cards as usual

Salpido booth

and two of their latest products are featured here, to which I do not have the names at the moment

and Vinifier

with their Ultra 5 going for RM199

Nice to see Blaupunkt here but I couldn’t find anyone in-charge at the time

Another Asus booth

and finally, Kaspersky.

At certain times, you could participate in the auction, the Acer Notebook was sold for RM800

Remember to redeem your free gift if you made purchases of RM100 or more

So in the end, not so much PC, more towards accessories. We do see some new products though so it is not a total loss. Still a tiring experience, much the same as the PC Expo we covered last time but you do get some good offers.

I do hope everyone enjoyed their day in the fair, do let us know what you think of the IT Fair in the comments. And as always thanks for reading and keep an eye out on our next coverage of such events in the near future.