FSP Hydro PTM+ 1200W Liquid Cooled Power Supply (1)

FSP today announced the release of the Hydro PTM+, a liquid cooled power supply developed in cooperation with Bitspower.

The Hydro PTM+ was introduced back in Computex 2017, where its design received various kinds of response from the PC hardware enthusiasts. According to FSP, 1400W of power can be delivered with the help of liquid cooling. What’s more, it will remain passively cooled but when power demand is below 50% loading.

Limited Edition – 500 Units Only!

As a unique opportunity for liquid cooling and modding enthusiasts, FSP and Bitspower have prepared 500 limited edition units with amazing extras. The first 500 units will get high-quality FSP sleeved cables as well as a Bitspower AiO kit, including pump, radiator, and 120 mm LED Fan. The regular Hydro PTM+ and limited edition does not include coolant for those that want to integrate this solution into their custom systems.

FSP Hydro PTM+ 1200W Liquid Cooled Power Supply (2)

High-quality Japanese components, up to 1400W power

Internally, the Hydro PTM+ is made of only the best components. Feature 100% Japanese made E-caps, which provide reliable power and have a prolonged lifespan over other alternatives. The design, is based on a single 12V rail with a DC-DC module for supreme efficiency and voltage stability. This allows for the extremely high 92% efficiency rating, 80 PLUS ® Platinum certification, and various protection schemes such as over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature protection.

When power-demand and temperature rises, a single 135 mm FDB fan can cool the entire unit and starts spinning up at 30% load. Enabling liquid cooling allows the Hydro PTM+ to deliver an additional 200W, up to 1400W and the fan to remain inactive up to 50% system load.


The FSP Hydro PTM+ is now available at a MSRP of $699 USD.

More details on the limited edition Hydro PTM+ can be found here:


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