MSI’s Productivity from Spring 2021 campaign is here to reward you for bumping your productivity starting from the new year of 2021.

By buying the following items, you get extra GrabFood e-vouchers which are to be redeemed through MSI’s website. The voucher values from RM20 to RM50 depending on what you bought.

  • PRO 24X 10M All-in-One PC (RM20)
  • Cubi 5 10M & Cubi N 8GL Mini PC (RM30)
  • PRO MP242 & PRO MP271 Monitor (RM50)

What’s more, by redeeming the GrabFood e-vouchers, participants will gain entries to a lucky draw raffle where everyone stands a chance to win an electric adjustable table that improves productivity even more where the winner will be announced on May 31. Mind you, these things aren’t cheap so you actually get something worth the value and practical for a lucky draw item. Anyway, follow the instructions below to submit your proof of purchase.

  1. Submit your application through the MSI Cashback Claim Form
  2. Upload an image of the serial number of your purchased items alongside the purchase invoice (Valid Date: February 2 – April 30)
  3. Wait for verification and an email will be sent to you once the application is completed

Click here to head over to the submission page and register for an account if you haven’t made one yet.


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