Kingston has finalized and released the name list of the top 10 finalists of the Kingston x CSD APAC Mask Design Competition.

Among all of them, 2 Malaysians have stood out from the rest and joining the final top 10 competitors into deciding who gets to take the crown of face mask design with expressive art displays. Mind you, there’s over 3,100 entries in total and these 2 Malaysians are able to get shortlisted. I was impressed.

Anyway, here’s the shortlisted finalists and their submission going from left to right.

Kingston x CSD Mask Design 1.jpg

  • Perfect Imperfections, Aljohn M. Matias (Philippines)
  • Siamese Fighting Fish, Waraporn Mamee (Thailand)
  • Lips & Water Chestnut, Wu Bo Yi (Taiwan)
  • Doodling Paper, Nguyen Dang Binh (Vietnam)
  • Sparkling Lenses, Rishabh Raj (India)

Kingston x CSD Mask Design 2

  • Love Memories Forever, Lilo Jong (Malaysia)
  • Construct X Deconstruction, Brenca Sun (Taiwan)
  • Summer memories in the wonder garden, Hsu, Hsing-Chen (Taiwan)
  • Breath of Energy, Tsuyoshi Artman (Japan)
  • Monster Nation, Yman.S (Malaysia)

Commenting on the enthralling experience, Senior Packaging Designer Yman.S said : “Kingston and CSD have come-up with one of the best platforms for the artists to delve deeper into their memories and create something unique out of it. Through my artwork, I have paid homage to the people’s fighting spirit and hence have turned the scary monsters we all dread in our childhood memories, which now also represent the day-to-day hardships we face, into cute little monsters. I want to incite the spirit of positivity through my design.”

On the other hand, Lilo Jong who works as a multimedia designer expressed “I have always yearned to create an artwork which is intertwined to my precious memories. This opportunity enabled me to bring alive my deep-rooted emotions. My artwork depicted the inevitable feeling I have when missing my family, and I have used each storage device from different periods to represent my family members. I look forward to the support of the design aficionados of Malaysia and hope that I reunite with my family members, just like in my artwork in the near future.”

To support them, simply head over to this link and cast your vote by clicking on the designs. What’s more, by sharing this promotional video on your social media account you’ll stand a chance to win one of the crowned designs in real face mask products once the winner has been announced.


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