EVGA recently removed the seemingly convenient ‘Guest RMA’ option from its after sales support. Guest RMA was a good option for those who purchased a pre owned EVGA graphics card to RMA the card even if its registered by the previous owner.

With the option removed, user will now have to register their product in order to perform a RMA. To register a product, user will need to create an account on EVGA’s website along with the proof of purchase. With the new policy in effect, the product is registered to you alone once this is done.

evga guest rma register cryptocurrency kingpin

It is unsure how will it affect the existing product warranty terms on EVGA website, especially on the transferable warranty for those who purchased a pre-owned EVGA product.

No comment has been made yet by EVGA, but it’s a pretty obvious move from the company to deal with cards used for crypto mining. Since the crypto currency craze, crypto miners purchased thousands and thousands of graphics card solely for mining. It does makes sense for EVGA to strengthen its RMA policy, but how will the end user react to this change?

(Source: Kitguru.net)


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