Pioneer has specially launched its “all-new USB Type-C Series Products,” including the versatile Docking Station, Multiport Adapter, and external pocket-sized Portable SSD, and more. We expect to follow the trend of the IoT development and universal connectors for various devices to provide the best product experience for consumers. The Type-C Series products are now on sale at Amazon Newegg in the USA and at Malaysia:

pioneer usb type-c docking station multiport adapter portable ssd

The Versatile Docking Station allows to build a super powerful personal workstation
It features a simple design, intuitive use, and perfect compatibility with the MacBook and Thunderbolt™ computer. Only the USB-C terminal is required to connect all devices to significantly improve the convenience and working efficiency. It supports Windows dual-screen output, having the complete expanding capability for the A/V output. It is easy to use and charges your device to greatly enhance your working efficiency. It is a flexible and useful product.

USB Type-C Multiport Adapter With 4K Video Output Support

It is compatible with MacBooks and has a variety of notebooks with a Type-C port, supporting the output of 4K videos using HDMI for a larger and clearer image. It can be used to charge your device, read a SD card, and support several USB expanders at the same time. The casing is made of composite material with a delicate black design and its compact size allows you to take anywhere!

High Performance Storage Device That Fits In You Pocket

It has a USB-C Gen2 high-speed interface with a transmission speed of up to 480MB/s. It is robust and vibration-resistant, supports the Mac and Windows OS, and enables smooth file transfer. It is the ultimate slim and compact device, allowing you to easily take it anywhere. The unique appearance and design together with the composite material gives it the perfect look and feel!

By following the trend of USB Type-C products, Pioneer will be launched more storage devices, cables, and more soon.

The new USB Type-C products are available today on Amazon and Newegg in USA. Kindly visit Pioneer official website to learn more.


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