A glorious day it is as we head to one of the nation’s very best, home ground of many talented Esports athlete, Orange Esports Stadium located at Kuala Lumpur for the NVIDIA Gamers Day Malaysia hosted by our friend from KL Gadget Guy. 
We’re surprised by the amount of participant of the event as we wasn’t expecting to see this much of participants, which takes up almost 1/3 of the spaces of the venue. 
Everyone gets the chance to experience the NVIDIA GameWorks VR, taking a glimpse into the virtual world through the lens of the Oculus Rift. 
MSI as one of the participating partner showing off their latest GTX 980 Ti with a powerful live demo unit.
Superiority of air cooling – Twin Frozr V cooling off the GPU and Cooler Master TCP-812 to cool of the CPU. 
The Twin Frozr V cooler further described in one simple demo kit.
Off next to GALAX booth, seems like GALAX is pretty aggressive this time, not missing the chance to show off the GALAX Gamer SSD aside of its Hall of Fame Edition GTX 980 Ti. 
From our past experience with one of GALAX Hall of Fame Edition GTX 970, GALAX’s Hall of Fame Edition graphics card is known for its surprisingly high GPU clock and impressive overclocking headroom. The GALAX GTX 980 Ti Hall of Fame Edition here is probably of the best NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti you can get when it’s available in the market. 
Zotac has taken a slightly different approach here – aside of having their best unit of GTX 980 Ti on display, discount coupon is given away as a gift for the participants. Can you resists the discount given on their GTX 980 Ti AMP! Extreme Edition?
The very same beast that we saw during our visit to Computex 2015.
Gigabyte decided to impress the participant by cramping 2 unit of GTX 980 Ti but due to some technical issues, we wasn’t able to experience the awesomeness during our visit to the booth. Imagine the gaming performance or benchmark result from that amount of processing power…
Tons of lucky draw prizes awaits the participants, ranging from limited NVIDIA flash drives, NVIDIA shirts, MSI Gaming Mousepad and more. 
The grand prize of event, which is one of the main highlight of the event. 4 lucky participant will be leaving the event with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti from each participating partners of NVIDIA – from left to right, the GTX 980 Ti Hall of Fame Edition from GALAX, GTX 980TI GAMING 6G from MSI, GTX 980 Ti AMP! Extreme Edition from Zotac and the reference GTX 980 Ti from Gigabyte.
Starting off with the Q&A session, who ready for some freebies?!
Judging from that amount of people raising their hands, seems like everyone knows the answer.
The answer is correct, a limited edition NVIDIA shirt for you!
A gift for the youngest gamer in this event, surprised?
Ready for the lucky draw? 
More NVIDIA limited edition shirt, congratulations!
Quek from Team MBT is one of the lucky draw winner.
Yeo Ngee Seng, NVIDIA’s Regional Channel Manager is here as well and he will be the one to decide the fate of these 4 beast.
With all the beast finally with their rightful owner, the event ends with a thunderous applause from all the participants. 
Everyone must be hungry but thanks to the thoughtful organizers, the participants gets to enjoy a quick meal before heading home.
A small surprise from the catering service, NVIDIA cup cakes!
That’s pretty much sums it up for the event, it might not be as grand a product launch event but we do enjoy the simplicity and not to mention the eye candies they have here (ahem…). We hope you enjoy the event and in case if you didn’t manage to attend the event, stay tuned with us as we will be giving away a few NVIDIA limited edition shirt that we’ve personally requested from the organizer just for you guys!