Once again, we’re bringing you the coverage of the Digital Lifestyle Expo (Aug 2014). We’re expecting a fun day with APES is making an appearance to talk about watercooling as well as Genysis with a Dota2 tournament. Though we’ll be only presenting you the last day of the expo so you’ll only see what you missed if you didn’t make it.

The entrance is the usual huge banner at the top. Not that much of a crowd, as I arrived at about noon. 
The information board depicting all the booths location.
First booth to greet us here is the Cyber Security Malaysia… probably off somewhere for security reasons.
Right next to that is MyDuino and UPstaka booth.
Posh Ed Innovations has some nice house designs. I’m still wondering what kind of Digital Lifestyle they aim to provide…
 We saw some participants on the MYEG lucky wheel.
1001 technologies showcases their interactive multi-touch solutions.
E-payment gateway by Asiapay is next
Right after that, comes Redtone, provider of numerous technological and communications services.
PC.Com didn’t miss the chance to be here as well.
As well as Blu Inc Media, most of you would know their tech magazine HWM.

They showcased their latest Corsair build from their “Transform Your Rig” campaign and also some other gaming rigs. Open for all to try

And we’ve arrived at the APES booth, right next to the stage. Our dear friend Gori watches over the Vector Test bench and the Parvum.
Customers thinking “I want one!” no doubt. 
A closer look at the “Vector Beta Testor” not sure if it’s the finalized name?
The Parvum Asiimov is such an eye catcher as well.
And the latest showcase, we have here “The End Game” featuring the Asus ROG Swift PG278Q Gaming monitor not familiar with the moniker? look up Asus G-Sync monitor 😉
Here’s a closer shot of the End Game
Busy as always, customers just can’t resist these beautiful machines.
Moving on, we saw a few booths showcasing a variety of gadgets. Some handy, some not so handy.
Displaying their wireless internet solutions, Yes is here once again.
and more gadgets right opposite that.
OKI printers on display as well
And an Astro booth promoting their IPTV and broadband packages.
Exmobile and AM world marketing booth is just a few steps away.
and turning around, we see Metakey S/B with their Fuji Xerox printers.
Not sure of the company that rents this booth, but they do have some good stuffs on display.
Lenovo showcasing their smartphones
Yet another unknown booth..
The Garmin GPS booth in blue. 
Thunder Match’s printer booth.
Aztech’s booth showcasing their wireless solutions.
And a new information portal, one for checking and comparing bank offers.
Biovital… doesn’t seem too “digital” to us…
and the ever so familiar yellow army of Digi telecommunications.
A new forum? hmm maybe worth to check out…
Another YES booth nearby.
And Maxis with their smartphone campaign.
Nothing much is happeninig at the Razer booth, even the exhibitors are much more interested in the Dota2 event.
Just a quick spin to catch the D-Link booth…
GTM24 booth showcasing their gaming merchandise. 
We noticed some of the peripherals on offer at the booth. You can find these guys at Berjaya Times Square if you’re wondering.
And here is the Genysis Dota2 event, quite the crowd puller I’d say.
Participants just finished a round and is getting ready for the next one.
The Genysis team hard at work, busy as always.
Another YES booth…is just behind the Dota2 event.
I was not expecting this.. well I suppose that it is necessary to clean the PC room once a while. 
Lifestyle? yes but definitely not Digital Lifestyle…
Kaspersky have some packages on offer.
Ofering a shortcut to house chores, the Steambrush can clean and iron at the same time. Just not too sure if they fit in the event theme.
Acer is here to showcase their smartphones and laptops.
and just so if you’re cleaning your car, Kessler have some “solution” for you.
Would love to relax in one of these after an intense gaming session.
LED lighting for your home is also available here

As always, Dell in their blue & white themed booths

Coway decided to make an appearance, cleaning the air and providing healthier water to combat today’s not so healthy environment

Came across another unnamed booth but we did spot Gamdias and Archgon here

The latest from Gamdias, the Ares Essential gaming keyboard and Ourea mouse. Hopefully we’ll be getting one for review soon enough.

The same booth displayed Archgon anti-blue light spectacles, designed to protect your eyes from exposures to harmful blue light emitted from your monitors and smart devices screens. Maybe I should pick one up?

Another Lenovo booth is next, this time showing off their laptops.

Security system and aroma therapy combo booth. Good idea to have a relaxing and safe home.

Healthy cooking is also promoted here

You also have a new blend of coffee

CCTV anyone?

More healthy cooking promotion going on.

And another LED light booth. makes the cut for studio light no doubt? Would be better with a showgirl though.

Samsung’s booth showcasing their home appliances this time around

And a Xiaomi Redmi 1S offer is ongoing. Not too sure if that is the best price at all though.

LG showcased their lineup of smart-TVs

along with Hitachi

and Phillips

Kitchen appliances galore from Rubine

Alternative energy for your home

and another booth is just next to it as well. And that is all the booths that are in the Digital Lifestyle Expo 2014.

We head back to the stage to have a look at APES.MY presentation of water cooling. First thing we see on stage however is a table of tech goodies for giveaway at the end of the day. Whoever won these would be very happy no doubt.

The team preparing for the talk.

Eager rig builders listening to Azizan going through the watercooling components showcasing “The End Game” build.

And lookie who’s in the crowd as well going all trigger happy!

Ever so detailed, Azizan poured all his heart and soul to explain everything in the build

Meanwhile….. time to update the page! XD


That’s all for the coverage of the quietest Digital Life Expo I’ve ever encountered. There’s hardly a crowd that visited the booths and I guess thats why the people manning them aren’t as enthusiastic as usual. We see a lot of new start-ups opening booths but not all of them are relate to the theme “Digital Lifestyle” which most people tend to just walk by as they probably wanted to hunt for bargains in the latest tech; which is almost non-existent. PIKOM, if any of you are reading this, change the way this event is organised because as it is now, it’s not working.

That said, great job from APES, HWM and Genysis with their events and showcases, easily the lifeline of the whole event in our opinion.