Compliance training is essential for every organization as it is essential to adhere to rules and regulations. Each and every employee should abide by the laws of the organization. But to make this happen, employees need to know all the rules and regulations. This is where compliance training comes into the picture. Compliance training is the process of educating the employees on all the company’s policies, rules, and regulations.

Most of the employees are very reluctant to attend the compliance training classes as it is hard for them to sit long hours and listen. To address this issue, many organizations make use of learning management systems because they offer interactive features, and the subscription prices are also very less. For instance, Absorb LMS offers many interactive features, and Absorb LMS pricing is also very affordable. So, if you are planning to offer compliance training to your employees, then delivering the content through these software tools makes life easy for all the people concerned. So, now let’s look at the must-have LMS features you need to deliver compliance training.

1)Intuitive user interface:

This is the basic thing that you need to consider whenever you are adopting a new software tool. An intuitive user interface allows the learners to access the content very easily without wasting much time searching for it. So, an uncomplicated tool makes life easy for both learners and managers as they create content, upload it and communicate easily. So, an easily understandable user interface saves you a lot of time and energy figuring out how the tool works.

2)Multi-Device accessibility:

Because many of your employees are working remotely, it’s very important that whatever tool you operate must support multiple devices like laptops, tablets, and mobiles, etc. With this luxury, your employees can attend the training from anywhere and anytime they want. This feature is very essential to have in this current pandemic situation as people can join from anywhere through any device and attend the course.


Compliance managers are expected to provide timely reports and maintain transparency around compliance. They might need to adhere to industry standards or meet government regulations to maintain certifications.

With the use of LMS, you can not only track the progress but also help you find the red flags for non-compliance within the organization. For instance, an effective LMS allows you to know how long a person takes to complete the course, if a person takes more time than expected then it’s a sign of non-compliance. LMS can also help to provide more diagnostic data, it can indicate which areas in the course the learners are facing the most difficulty. So, smart reporting is a must-have feature for a compliance training LMS.

4)Intuitive content builder:

To provide a personalized learning experience, you need to deliver the training content in different formats. Content types like videos can be created easily but complicated content like simulations and branching scenarios is not easy to create. So, you need to look for an LMS which has the capacity to build the content in different formats without any complications. This makes the job easy and hassle-free for the L&D department as well.


Most of the employees seem to be uninterested in compliance training because everything is too formal. In this case, gamification can help engage the employees and make them involved in the course. Leaderboards, rewards, and badges provide a fun and engaging learning experience to the learners. It creates a healthy competition among the learners and allows everyone to be involved in the course in a better way.


Adhering to business laws and regulations is very important for employees as it can reduce legal complications in the future. So, all you need to do is deliver compliance training effectively involving all the employees. We hope this article helps you in finding the most essential features of an LMS that help you to deliver compliance training in a very engaging manner.


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