Epson is announcing they are taking a step ahead of the game by announcing the use of laser technology to power more of their future projectors.

In contrast to conventional lamp-based projectors, it takes time for them to get heated up and start projecting images while the cooling fans will need to spin fast and non stop to take the heat off the entire session. But with lasers, first of all, you don’t need to wait for it to warm up. Second, a much simpler cooling system will be sufficient to dissipate the generated heat. But the best of all is that it projects content with higher brightness and sharper contrast.

On the other hand, those running projectors regularly for a few years definitely notice this problem which is they become progressively dimmer and their color balance shifts. But with laser projectors they can operate up to 20,000 hours with little to no maintenance and replacement, further reducing the cost of ownership and repairment down the line. It is also slightly better for the environment as you don’t need to replace the lamps as much.

Epson Laser Technology

The newly launched Ultra Short Throw Laser Interactive projector EB-1485Fi utilizes the laser lens to bring presentations and learning experiences to life. Designed for meeting spaces and educational purposes, it integrates the functions of a projector, whiteboard, and interactive display, transforming any flat surface into an interactive virtual space. Without using additional computers or software, the projector allows users to start writing or presenting immediately once turned on.

While all of our habits have to change including at work, at home, or just enjoying some entertainment, Epson wants to make everything a bit easier while transitioning their own products to fit the requirements of smart homes, classrooms and businesses of tomorrow.


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