At COMPUTEX 2024, we are also invited by darkFlash to visit their booth so here’s something we want to highlight today.

Computex 2024 darkFlash 05

Let’s go straight to the highest wow factor of all – PC fans. Yes, this new fan called the Gauss G24 ARGB fan solves the problem of messy cables and long-term wear and tear with a simple yet intricate magnet and pogo pins connection.

Computex 2024 darkFlash 06

Just hook up one of the fans to the magnetic base and poof, it instantly has power and can be chained for up to 6 units at once, making it a magnetically daisy-chainable fan.

Computex 2024 darkFlash 01

As for PC cases, two models in particular caught our eyes and it is the DY450 and the larger brother DY450L. Even though they are rated only up to ATX motherboards, they “compensate for it” by adding 3 dials and a screen at the front that controls fan speed, RGB lighting, and lighting speed.

Computex 2024 darkFlash 10

The “bad” thing is that the front I/Os are moved to the side but hey, preference.

Computex 2024 darkFlash 09

On the other hand, take a look at the max style point and performance ranker, the DN IPS AIO liquid cooler with a big screen for critical system info display like temps and CPU/GPU usage. darkFlash’s own app also allows users to configure what content will be on the screen.

Computex 2024 darkFlash 08

The design selector kind of looks like those watch face stores for smartwatches though. Kind of funny but it does what it does so I don’t really mind.


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