The hype train of COMPUTEX 2024 continues with MSI’s revealing an all-new lineup of products catered to DIY enthusiasts; let’s find out what those are.

MSI new products for DIY enthusiasts COMPUTEX 2024 featuredMSI X870 and Z90 Motherboard

Starting off the list are the new MSI X870 motherboards, which feature DIY-friendly designs such as the upgraded screwless M.2 Shield Frozr for easy M.2 heatsink installation, the EZ PCIe Release for quick removal of large graphics cards, and the EZ M.2 Clip II for seamless SSD installation. In addition, the EZ Antenna enables effortless plug-in and removal of Wi-Fi connectors, without needing to rotate the antennas.

Alongside that, MSI has collaborated with Kingston to bring the Z790 PROJECT ZERO PLUS. It utilizes the latest CAMM2 memory solution, which supports dual-channel per module and up to 128GB, offering great capacity and performance for high-end computing needs.

MSI new products for DIY enthusiasts COMPUTEX 2024 1MPG P Series and MAG I/A Series Liquid Cooling

Next up, the new MPG CORELIQUID P Series also adopts the brand’s EZ DIY Design for easy assembly without sacrificing performance. The key features of this series include the UNI Bracket for both Intel and AMD sockets, a united cable design that streamlines the connection between the water block and the radiator fan into a single cable, as well as an upgraded 4.3-inch IPS panel for better display.

The MAG CORELIQIOD I Series also incorporates the UNI Bracket and comes with several DIY-friendly designs, along with pre-installed fans on the radiator and the cable cover to ensure a clean look and easy dust cleaning. Plus, it houses an enlarged copper base surface for optimal heat dissipation.

As for the MAG CORELIQUID A Series, it is equipped with a triangular water block design while also packing the UNI Bracket and pre-installed fans.

MSI new products for DIY enthusiasts COMPUTEX 2024 2MEG and MPG GS Series PSU

Moving on to the PSU section, fans seeking high-wattage PSUs will find the MEG Ai1600T PCIE5 with ARGB lighting effects to be an excellent choice. The PSU is crafted with premium titanium materials to deliver a high-efficiency conversion rate for stable power delivery while boasting SiC-MOSFET with interleaved PFC for improved stability and efficiency in power correction.

With dual native 12V-2×6 connectors, it is set for next-gen AI computing and meets ATX 3.1 standards, supporting 2x total power excursion and 3x GPU power excursion.

Similarly, the new MPG GS Series PSU also meets the ATX 3.1 standard and includes two 12V-2×6 connectors. This series is optimized for minimal fan noise and features flat cables with yellow headers for easier cable management. Coming in 1200W, 1000W, and 850W variants, it is expected to arrive sometime by the end of 2024.

MSI new products for DIY enthusiasts COMPUTEX 2024 3MPG VELOX 300R AIRFLOW PZ and Modern Series PC Case

Finally, the MPG VELOX 300R AIRFLOW PZ mid-tower PC offers optimized airflow with two 160 mm ARGB PWM fans at the front and a 120 mm PWM fan at the rear. Inspired by the MPG VELOX Series, it sports a metal exterior with diamond-shaped cutouts on the front panel for efficient ventilation. Also, the unique dual-layer blades of the 160mm fans enhance airflow and stability, improving heat dissipation even in larger cases.

Additionally, MSI has also showcased the Modern Series case, which blends functionality and aesthetics. This case features a 4mm anodized aluminum front panel, minimalist design, and maple wood accents. Notably, the solid maple wood handles on top can support up to 50kg for easy transport.

The Modern Series case also includes an upper space for decorations and wooden fan embellishments, while accommodating various fan sizes and back-connect motherboards which include ATX and Micro-ATX, ensuring a clean and organized build.


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