Cooler Master’s event of the year Summer Summit 2021 has showcased a new digital island that let your friends and colleagues sightsee a “vaporwave” style virtual room where lots of new products are brought to life (digitally) to let all viewers take a look at the latest and upcoming items that the brand will be introducing into the market. Let us run you through some of the “special” ones.

PC Casings

Cooler Master Summer Summit 2021 Casing

First up, the popular mini-ITX casing NR200P gets 4 new colors of Caribbean Blue, Flamingo Pink, Nightshade Purple, and Sunset Orange as a result of Reddit’s community voting poll. With fresh new colors yet still maintaining all the features that gamers find appealing, now there are more choices and doubts to be considered while selecting your next chassis upgrade. Meanwhile, a new line of MAX series has also been introduced that essentially packs a CPU cooler and PSU into the bundle with a new MAX NR200P debuting in the lineup. Cooler Master has also clarified that their Vertical GPU Holder Kit has been upgraded to support PCIe 4.0 so your latest and greatest build are no longer hampered by outdated products.


Cooler Master Summer Summit 2021 Thermal

Air coolers and All-in-One (AiO) are all making a scene here as the new Hyper H6/H6DT ARGB air cooler is built with extra heat pipes under the Xtra Dimensional Heat Pipe Contact (XDHC) technology that completely covers the CPU for maximum surface area contact and heat dissipation. The MasterLiquid ML240P/ML360P Flux also made a debut thanks to its tuning for stronger pump pressure that targets hot spots easier than previous offerings. A brand new Mobius series will be put into the spotlight as it features a brand new Ring Blade Design for better dynamically rotated fans through interconnecting them and lastly, new ARGB LED Tube Sleeve lets you add colors directly to your liquid cooler’s pipe so you may not need colored coolants in your systems in the future (?).


Cooler Master Summer Summit 2021 Power

2 new PSU lineups are introduced with the former being the M1600/M2000 platinum, perfect who those who just want massive loads of power with high efficiency and simplicity. Meanwhile, the XG Platinum series provides clean and stabilized power with 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency that is built with a 135mm silent fan, Smart Thermal Control controls with full modularity on top of premium Japanese caps. It is also one of the earliest PSUs to comply with Intel’s new ATX 12V standards so now you do have a choice if you are experimenting with it on your own.


Cooler Master Summer Summit 2021 Peripherals

For the peripherals, we have the MM730/MM731 gaming mouse, CK721, and CK351/CK352 gaming keyboard. The MM730/MM731 provides wired and wireless connectivity in 2.4GHz/Bluetooth connections with its 19,000 DIP sensor, optical micro switches. Meanwhile, the CK721 is a small form 65% wireless mechanical keyboard with a knob compatible with modern OS housed on top of an aluminum base, perfect for both work and home environments. Lastly, the CK351/CK352 is your run-of-the-mill wired keyboard designed for budget in mind – RGB, mech switches, great keycaps, and software control.


Cooler Master Summer Summit 2021 Monitor

Work and Play setups are the names of the game for these 4 new monitors of GM27-FQS, GM27-CFX, GM32-FQ for 3 of them being flat and GM34-CWQ being curved. For all we know, the GM27-FQS is a 165Hz 1ms IPS display while the GM27-FQX runs even faster at 240Hz with quantum dot technology.

Gaming Chairs

Cooler Master Summer Summit 2021 Gaming Chair

Cooler Master also takes a step into the gaming chair industry through the new Motion 1, made in collaboration with D-Box. It is basically a gaming chair fixed on top of a media streaming device that lets u play more than 2000+ movies and games combined natively. On the other hand, the Hybrid 1 combines comfort-driven factors brought by office chairs together with gamer essence, the Motion 1 provides a symbiotic solution for those looking to amp up their gaming experience while enjoying proper back support.

Gaming Pods

Cooler Master Summer Summit 2021 Gaming Pod

Behold the ultimate machine from Cooler Machine, the CMIX GamePod, a sleek semi-enclosed desk space housing a fully automated motorized shuttle dome to serve all your working and gaming needs. A total of 3 27-inch displays can be armed while a surround sound system around the chonky unit provides an accurate directional soundstage. For the sitting department, the adjustable headrest, lumbar support, and footrest are there to make sure you maintain a “good” posture while console hookups are also possible with a little tweak and there but definitely best handled by an accompanying technician.


Cooler Master Summer Summit 2021 StreamEnjin

The final product worth talking about is the new StreamEnjin live stream mixer that lets you edit and switch inputs seamlessly while enhancing the overall delivering experience by pushing your signal through multiple CDN. Even if it is designed for professional use, there are up to 8 presets available for those who are new to the scene and want quick and easy-to-use profiles to elevate their streaming setups. It is also compatible with the iPad since you may also edit overlays directly through the companion app. The form factor and weight let you bring it anywhere without a complex setup and troublesome wiring.


Which product is the most exciting for you or are you ready to whip out your wallet to get one of them? Let us know down in the comments!


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