MSI Malaysia has announced its Mid Year Sale that runs until the end of July.

MSI Mid Year Sale 1

In this promotion, MSI Malaysia will be bundling freebies for every purchase of selected models that are listed on their website. This includes its line of laptops for gaming or business use, monitors, and even pre-built gaming desktop rigs in addition to several individual parts which they applied a promo price tag to them instead. For the freebies, it depends on what you purchase where the majority of gaming laptops gives out a headset backpack combo, business laptops getting a simple laptop backpack, gaming monitors getting a free monitor arm (or even a gaming chair for the high-end model), and pre-builts giving out a whopping monitor+gaming mouse+gaming keyboard combo to help you establish a new setup in one price tag.

Access the full list of the Mid-Year sales promotion here. To redeem your freebie, follow the simple 3-step instructions included on the page.


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