Cooler Master today announced the release of their new Sleeved PSU Extension Cable Kits. As interest in PC Modding and aesthetic PC building continues to grow, demand for first party sleeved cables has only gotten stronger. Currently sleeved cables in the market are mostly sold by smaller third party companies with limited distribution and usually at high prices. Cooler Master has taken it upon themselves to help fill that need in a way that is simple, affordable, and universal.

Cooler Master PSU Sleeved Extension Cable Kit_red 03

The Sleeved PSU Extension Cable Kit is a set of universal power supply cable extensions. Meaning it will work with any consumer level power supply unit currently on the market. The set includes the following cable extensions:

  • 1x MB 24 Pin Cable
  • 1x CPU 8(4+4) Pin Cable
  • 2x PCI-e 6 Pin Cable
  • 2x PCI-e 8 Pin Cable
  • Each Sleeved Extension Cable comes with 4x Cable Combs

The connector types included will allow users to extend all the main cables in their system by 30cm, allowing them enough length to adequately hide their normal PSU cables and present a clean, stylish build at almost no loss in efficiency. The kit comes with 5 color options:

  • All Black
  • Red & Black
  • Blue & Black
  • White & Black
  • Green & Black

Though the focus may be on appearance, these cables are also extremely well made. They’re produced with high quality materials that offer both durability and stable performance. The cables are sleeved with the heatshrinkless sleeving method in a three-layered protective design. The outer layer uses ultra-density weaving, providing protection and style without sacrificing flexibility. The middle insulating layer provides resistance to acid, alkalis, fuel, moisture, and mildew. The inner-most layer uses certified 16AWG wire for better heat resistance and efficiency than the industry standard 18AWG cables that come with most consumer power supply units.

The Sleeved Extension Cable Kit is the perfect solution for consumers trying to better coordinate the appearance of their rigs affordably without sacrificing performance. With a SRP of RM 159, this alternative to ordering a full set of custom cables will allow any PC builder to have a professional looking rig.

Pricing & Availability

All 5 options of the Sleeved Extension Cable Kit is now available in Malaysia, priced at RM 159.

Kindly visit the following link to learn more:


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