The last time we talked about Cooler Master’s gaming desk, it was the GD160 more than 5 months ago. Today, it returns with an extra brother and more RGB fun.

Cooler Master GD120

We’ll go to the new guy first. The GD120 can be said as a simpler version of the GD160 since the height adjustment feature is gone right away so if it is already optimal for you and you want to save some buck along the way, then this might be a good choice for you. Despite lacking the up and down adjustment, it still maintains all the good points of being a good gaming desk as the anti-scratch tabletop makes it extra durable against daily wear and tear while the cable management cutouts can also be found under the desk itself. Debuting with ARGB, of course, it is going to be the major light source of your setup and it can be configured to your liking via the MasterPlus+ software.

Cooler Master GD160

On the other hand, the GD160 ARGB is not just the GD160 with a facelift and added RGB lights. As you might have noticed, the “weird” shape of the original GD160 is gone with this model using a standard rectangular shape as a replacement. And comparing the height adjustment mechanism, the original GD160 uses a 3-tier manually-adjusted frame that offers a limited height selection. On the other hand, the GD160 ARGB adapts a fully motorized exoskeleton to let you decide how tall it’s going to be ranging from 65 – 130cm, and not only is the front side having ARGB strips but also the backside gets them too. Notable features like cable management cutouts, up to 100kg of weight support, and a premium build quality are all here to stay.

Want to have a sitting and standing desk at the same time? Pay once and get two of them at the same time.

Price and Availability

The new Cooler Master GD series gaming desk with ARGB can be acquired at the price of RM1,399 for the GD120 ARGB while the GD160 ARGB is at RM3,499. Meanwhile, the vanilla GD160 back then is still at RM1,199.

All 3 items are currently live and available for purchase over at the brand’s Shopee page.


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