Cooler Master has announced that they have brought in the new GD160 gaming desk to spice up their gaming portfolio and another step closer to a full set of Cooler Master peripherals.

Cooler Master GD160

Made to match the design and aesthetics of the Caliber series gaming chair, the GD160 takes a slightly different approach as instead of a rectangle shape, there are lots of cut-ins and contours to give it more corners in order to look “cool”. But to be fair, the gaming desk is built to handle the real deal as it is constructed with chipboard and steel that can handle multi-monitor desk clamps and chonky PC builds in one go therefore up to 100kg of loads on the table is very doable. At the underside of the table, there’s a cable management tray to help you keep all the wires in one place and prevent wire tripping (Yes, it happens even when sitting), and additionally, you can adjust the height of the desk to match yours for the comfiest setup and posture. And you might as well put your mousepad aside and store it since the entire table surface is a mousepad itself and it is water-resistant and easy to clean if you happen to get your meals done in front of your PC regularly. Just try not to spill stuff like curry broth as it gets stained too easily, please.


The Cooler Master GD160 gaming desk is now purchasable on Lazada at the price of RM1,199.


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