Cooler Master has brought in the latest Caliber cooling series gaming chair into Malaysia.

Cooler Master Caliber Cooling Series Gaming Chair 1

Featuring a brand new Cool-In Fabric material, it can keep fellow gamer’s backs cool in the heat of battle through a unique star-shaped yarn design to make the entire chair breathable and moisture-absorbent while drying quickly even if it did absorb some droplets – perfect to counter against the hot weather in Malaysia. An extra “Jade Powder” particle is embedded into the yarn further improving heat dissipation that results in a 2°C lower temperature than regular gaming chairs.


Both the Cooler Master Caliber X1C and Caliber R2C are now available for purchase in Malaysia through Lazada at the following price:

  • Caliber X1C @ RM 1,499
  • Caliber R2C @ RM 1,199

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