Cooler Master recently announced the immediate availability of the MasterBox E500L, its latest addition to the MasterBox series lineup. The MasterBox E500L make its debut as an affordable case with a sleek design that doesn’t sacrifice on performance nor functionality.

Slide to Hide

The front fascia of the MasterBox E500L features a smooth slide panel. This panel allows you to hide your I/O ports for a clean and elegant look, or slide it down to use the front I/O ports. By utilizing a slide panel, Cooler Master offers you the best of both worlds, combining a minimalistic look while keeping the I/O ports where they should be, right in front of the case.

Show your True Colors

Colored trim around the front panel balances off the minimalism with a touch of flair. Available in three colortrim options – silver, red and blue, you can pick the trim to match the overall color theme of your build. Or you can also go for a contrasting setup with a trim that is entirely different color from your setup. The choice is entirely yours.

What’s Inside Counts

The MasterBox E500L is more than just about looks. Everything from high-end graphics cards measuring up to 399mm long and 280mm radiators are supported. The MasterBox E500L lets you build however you want, becoming the backbone in your build, instead of a limiting factor. The full-black coating and PSU covers allow your hardware to stand out, and the edge-to-edge transparent side panel is just the icing on the cake.

Cooler Master MasterBox E500L (5)

Pricing & Availability

The MasterBox E500L is now available for purchase in Malaysia, priced at RM 179.

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