Cooler Master just announces the immediate availability of the Trooper SE and Stryker SE, two aggressively designed cases for gamers with a taste for flair.

Flaunt Your Build

The Trooper SE and Stryker SE feature edge-to-edge light grey tinted tempered glass side panels, allowing you to showcase your hardware in your build. You can mount four SSDs vertically to display your storage, a boon in this era where even SSDs come with RGB lighting. You can opt to flaunt your high-end graphics card too, by mounting it vertically to the two additional PCI slots at the rear. The Trooper SE and Stryker SE are perfect for those not averse to a little showboating.

Ample Space for the Performance You Need

Huge motherboards, long graphics cards, large air coolers or radiators are often synonymous with gamers, as they demand the highest performance levels to perform at their very best in games. The Trooper SE and Stryker SE offer support for XL-ATX and E-ATX motherboards, 322mm long graphics cards, 186mm tall air coolers and also 360mm radiators. There is also space for oodles of storage – two 3.5” HDDs, one 5.25” drive and five 2.5” SSDs, including one that can be hot swapped via the unique X-Dock bay.

Roar into Battle or Go Stealth Mode

High performance fans often compromise silence for airflow. An integrated fan speed controller with LED indicator on the I/O panel lets your control your fans, with 6 stages fan speed adjustments. Clear LED indicators lets you check your fan speed at a glance, and turn up the fans on-the-fly when you need more airflow for better cooling, or turn them down when you desire whisper-quiet computing.

Go Where the Fight Is

A convenient top handle grip integrated into the design of the Trooper SE and Stryker SE allows you to easily transport your setup wherever you want to go. Join a local LAN party, or one a few hundred miles away, the Trooper SE and Stryker SE has got your back.

Pricing & Availability

The Trooper SE & Stryker SE series is now available for purchase in Malaysia, both priced at RM 559.


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