ARM introduced its latest design of mobile processors during its pre-Computex press conference – the Cortex-A76 CPU, Mali-G76 GPU and Mali-V76 VPU. With the goal of creating a high performance SOC that is both power efficient and secured.

Computex 2018 ARM Cortex A76 Mali G76 Mali V76 Nandan Nayampally

Nandan Nayampally, ARM VP and GM of Client Business highlighted that ARM is aiming to expand the mobile experience for 2019 with the focuses on the following traits:

  • 5G Transformation
  • Immersive Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • High Performance Gaming
  • Security

Cortex-A76: Powering the journey for laptop-class performance

Computex 2018 ARM Cortex A76 Mali G76 Mali V76 (04)

The new ARM Cortex-A76 CPU, based on DynamIQ technology, delivers laptop-class performance while maintaining the power efficiency of a smartphone. We’ve already seen the success of the recently launched ARM-based Windows 10 PCs, delivering unimaginable 20-plus hours of battery life, a true LTE connected PC, and a trusted Windows app ecosystem.

Building on that momentum, the new Cortex-A76 CPU brings choice and flexibility to consumers from a trusted architecture, delivering the 35 percent y-o-y performance gain along with 40 percent improved efficiency.

As the only compute architecture delivering these generation-over-generation gains, it’s exciting to watch ARM continue to push performance while still becoming increasingly efficient.

Computex 2018 ARM Cortex A76 Mali G76 Mali V76 (03)
Power efficient ARM based processor for laptops

The new Cortex-A76 also delivers 4x compute performance improvements for AI/MLat the edge, enabling responsive, secure experiences on PCs and smartphones. This level of performance, power efficiency, and flexibility changes how consumers engage with their new PCs giving them more power to accomplish what they want to, whenever and wherever they want to accomplish it.

Mali-G76: High-performance gaming, cross-platform experiences

Computex 2018 ARM Cortex A76 Mali G76 Mali V76 (05)

The gaming market is expected to reach $137.9 billion in 2018, making it one of the largest revenue markets globally and a key driver in increasing consumer performance demands as they look to satisfy their thirst for high-end gaming on-the-go.  The Mali-G76 gives developers and consumers what they want by delivering 30% more efficiency and performance density.

These generational enhancements provide developers with more performance headroom to bring more high-end gaming titles to mobile app ecosystems and enable them to write new apps that integrate augmented and virtual reality into our everyday lives.

Mali-V76: Enabling the ultimate UHD immersive experience

Computex 2018 ARM Cortex A76 Mali G76 Mali V76 (06)

As the world moves towards UHD 8K content, we’re ensuring our IP will support encoding and decoding for content on smartphones and other devices.  The Mali-V76 supports 8K decode up to 60 fps or four 4K streams at 60fps giving consumers the opportunity to stream four movies, record video while video conferencing, or watch four games in 4K.  And at lower resolutions, and still at full HD, Mali-G76 will support up to 16 streams of content, creating a 4×4 video wall, a very popular use case in the Chinese market.


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