4 months after the announcement back in Computex 2018, the ASUS Republic of Gamers has finally confirmed the official launch date for the long-awaited ROG Phone. ASUS Malaysia organised a briefing session for the local media partners and we manage to get some updates regarding the availability and have a better understanding of the phone itself.

ROG Phone

1 – Two storage capacities

ROG Phone: What Malaysians need to know 1

Malaysians will get 2 variants of ROG Phone – 128GB and 512GB versions. The rest of the specs remains the same with:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 (speed-binned 2.96GHz)
  • 8GB RAM
  • 6-inch 18:9 1080 x 2160 AMOLED display (90Hz 1ms)
  • 4000mAh battery

This is a fair move done by ASUS ROG as we all know there are plenty of other phone manufacturers tend to pair the higher RAM capacity together with the higher capacity storage. What if the user only needs more RAM but not more storage?

Nonetheless, while I personally would be satisfied with the 128GB variant, but there’s no guarantee it would be enough when you start installing more games especially those with sophisticated graphics.

2 – Standard Accessories

Aero Active Cooler

ROG Phone: What Malaysians need to know 3

We have confirmed that the AeroActive Cooler will come as standard together with the ROG Phone. This is ROG’s external cooling solution to further taming the 2.96GHz SD845 chip under the hood.

ROG Phone Case

Malaysians are in luck because the ROG Phone Case will also be included in the box so that your phone is well protected for everyday use. We can’t comment on the global availability but it is confirmed Malaysian customers will get the case for each purchase of the ROG Phone.

The case’s rear panel can be removed to gain access to the AirTriggers and installing the AeroActive Cooler.

3 – Additional Accessories

ASUS Malaysia’s Country Manager, Leo Tseng, has confirmed that the rest of the ROG Phone accessories will be available and sold separately:

  • ROG TwinView Dock
  • ROG Mobile Desktop Dock
  • ROG GameVice Controller
  • ASUS WiGig Wireless Display Dock
  • ASUS Professional Dock (USB-C)

ROG Phone: What Malaysians need to know 15

The ROG Phone travelling suitcase combo will also be available in Malaysia and of course, it will be the limited edition combo.

4 – Price Announcement Date – 22 October 2018

ROG Phone Coming Soon

Trust us, we have been chasing around the people over in ASUS ROG just so in case they “accidentally” leaked the pricing for the ROG Phone. Judging from the header, we failed.

The official pricing & availability for the ROG Phone and add-on accessories shall be revealed on 22 October 2018.

ROG Phone: What Malaysians need to know 17

If you’re interested to know more about the ROG Phone, head over to NasiLemakTech where the article features the design history and the team’s dedication in providing the best cooling solution for the phone.


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