We’ve heard some rumors on a new motherboard which isn’t appeared on many of the news by the time MSI announced its new X99A Gaming Pro Carbon and X99A XPower Gaming Titanium motherboards just before Computex 2016. 
As we’re paying MSI booth a visit on our Computex 2016 tour, we’ve dropped by the motherboard section to check out if the rumors are true.
Motherboard on highlight: Both X99A Gaming Pro Carbon and X99A XPower Gaming Titanium are the very first motherboard that we’ve seen when we arrived at the motherboard section of MSI booth. 
The MSI X99A XPower Gaming Titanium motherboard with MSI exclusive Titanium theme packs quite a punch with its support on the latest U.2 32 Gb/s fast storage, enhanced thermal design, Military Class 5 components, metal covers on PCIe and Memory slots, and more.   
The MSI X99A Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard with highlighted features such as exclusive front USB type-C, turbo M.2 of speed up to 32 Gb/s and SATA Express support, Dynamic Mystic Light with 16.8 million colors that comes with a total of 17 different cool LED modes and MSI exclusive Mystic Light Extension to allow (some) user to finally have the unified RGB LED lighting they desired.
At the outer side of MSI booth, there’s a few more series of motherboards that we haven’t really seen up until now is on display.
Camouflage design is one of our favorite theme but we don’t often see manufacturer that goes for this kind of design. Rejoice to those who fancies of snow camouflage!
The MSI X99A Workstation is a workstation motherboard that packs pretty much all the goodness of a X99 mainstream motherboard, with added support ECC memory for the use on workstation, Dual Intel LAN ethernet port that offers server grade performance and stability.
The C236M Worksation 10G motherboard from MSI features a whopping 10 Gigabit network speed for users who owns a high-speed network connection and the traditional 1 Gigabit connection. 
MSI is one of the very few that is still releasing different variety of AMD chipset motherboards for the end user. The 970A Gaming Pro Carbon features the up to date AMD 9-series chipset with a new carbon fibre look for themed build. 
One thing that really caught our attention is the mysterious looking motherboard that shows only its launch date. While MSI refused to comment on the specifications of the motherboard, we’re given a little hint that one of its highlighted feature is its RAID capability.