Palit has announced its GameRock Series and new JetStream Series GeForce GTX 1080 for quite a while since the GTX 1080 launch. We’ve paid a visit to Palit HQ in Taiwan, Taipei today to have a quick and personal hands-on with the company’s new GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card – Something where most gamers and enthusiasts who prefers Palit has been waiting for the past few weeks.
The JetStream series graphics card from Palit is known for its Gold accent shroud for the standard JetStream series cards, Red accent shroud for the high-tier Super JetStream cards and the most recent Silver accent for the high-tier GeForce GTX 980Ti. 
This year, Palit has redesigned the JetStream cooler that now goes with RGB LED, mirrored lining, silver accent metal pieces on the shroud of the JetStream Series GeForce GTX 1080. Compared to the new GameRock series, Palit targets the JetStream series on enthusiasts who is adept in overclocking.  
GameRock series is the latest product from Palit that aims for gaming enthusiasts. It features the latest GTX 1080 Pascal architecture GPU from NVIDIA, RGB LED,copper base on the heat sink for better heat dissipation, slightly higher power phase of 8+2 PWM compared to the power phase of 8 PWM on the JetStream series graphics card. 
Metal back plate is much to be expected for both GTX 1080 GameRock and JetStream due to the size of the custom heat sink to prevent PCB sagging issue, though Palit has added some metal brushed texture on the metal back plate for better aesthetics. 
Also, a dual-BIOS dip switch can be found right next to the SLI fingers of both cards which acts as a fail safe mechanism to prevent BIOS corruption for enthusiasts who wish to push further the performance of these GTX 1080 through overclocking. 
You’ll find some fancy RGB LED lighting on the side of the graphics card shroud where these LEDs will change its color according to the current temperature of the GPU on default mode, or it can be configured to react according to your own preferences with up to 16.8 million choices of colors which can be configured via Palit’s own ThunderMaster software.
Other than the fancy RGB LED lighting, both of the GTX 1080 GameRock Series and JetStream Series we’re seeing today are pretty much the same with other NVIDIA’s partner’s made GTX 1080 which requires 1 x 8pin and 1 x 6pin to operate, as well as to provide that extra juice for that extra performance. 
The following specifications table shows a quick comparison table for the GTX 1080 GameRock, JetStream, Super JetStream and NVIDIA reference design Founders Edition GTX 1080:
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Extras: Palit G-Panel – The Graphics Card Monitoring LCD Front Panel
The G-Panel is basically a USB powered mini front panel display that populates the details and current status of your NVIDIA graphics card such as the current clock speed of your GPU and GPU memory, voltage, fan speed and the GPU temperate.

According to Palit, this will pretty much work on any GeForce GTX graphics card so long as you have the required software installed. While it doesn’t actually allows you to adjust any settings regarding to the graphics card which is on display, the G-Panel does comes with USB 3.1 type-C and USB 3.0 Type-A port which has been going on for quite a long while.

According to Palit, the G-Panel is still in the midst of preparation and there’s are still quite a number of test that has to be done before it can be mass produced. Both GameRock series and JetStream series GTX 1080 however, is expected to be available by the early of July 2016.

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