Just before Computex 2016 started, MSI topped the list as the brand with most announced GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards: Twin Frozr VI series, Sea Hawk lseries, Aero series and Armor series. Among the announced GTX 1080 graphics card lineup, we’ve received a news of different model of Twin Frozr VI series will be offered this time – which is one of the reason that we’re visiting MSI booth at Computex 2016 this year!
Extras: A gigantic Lego-made MSI Gaming mascot dragon, Lucky can be spotted nearby the entrance of MSI booth!
We’ve confirmed with the staff of MSI where the Twin Frozr Series GeForce GTX1080 comes in 2 series consisting the Gaming Z and Gaming X. The first noticeable differences was of course the metal backplate of the graphics card itself – but that isn’t just it! 

While both Gaming Z and Gaming X looks just as identical, the Gaming X is actually marketed as the middle grade of MSI Gaming series graphics card and the Gaming Z as the top-tier grade MSI Gaming series graphics card.

The Twin Frozr VI design is available on both Gaming Z and Gaming X, which features double ball bearing fans with special design fan blades which MSI claims to be able to produce more airflow compared to the previous generation fan design while keeping the fan noise down to the minimum.
Both of the cards features 1 x 8pin and 1 x 6pin PCIe power connector which according to MSI, is to provide the extra power for more performance compared to the reference design GTX 10 series graphics card from NVIDIA.
The Gaming X comes with the MSI Dragon metal backplate which provide enhanced rigidity for the PCB to prevent PCB sagging.
The Gaming Z has an almost identical metal back plate, but with custom RGB LED setup lining the top logo and an MSI Dragon shield logo on the back-plate.

Other than the aesthetics, the major difference in technical for both Gaming X and Gaming Z is that the high-tier Gaming Z comes with higher clock speed compared to the middle-tier Gaming X which is factory overclocked as well.
More extras: While NVIDIA’s fancy looking Pascal high-bandwidth SLI bridge has been around for weeks since it’s annouced, MSI is seen to have come up with their own design of the Pascal high-bandwidth SLI bridge with its MSI Gaming Dragon logo.  

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