Other than being able to secure its slot nearby the entrance of the exhibition hall this year, Genius has presented some rather ‘unique’ products this year for the visitors of Computex 2016. 
The Genius HS-M450 that was on display offers some pretty acceptable audio quality, although its appearance does looks somewhat familiar to pretty much all the youngsters who fancies a stylish looking headset. 
Up next is the SP-906BT bluetooth speaker that is loud, charges up in 2.5 hours and able to hold up to 10 hours in total. Genius is targeting users who needs a powerful yet portable speaker to spice up their outdoor activities such as biking, hiking or even fishing. 
The Genius Mobile Theater as what they’re calling it for now, is a rather powerful portable speaker which according to Genius, are meant for users who enjoys watching movies on their portable devices but the built-in speakers of their devices isn’t powerful enough to satisfy their needs.  

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