We were first introduced with the change of direction from Cooler Master back in Computex 2015, which the company itself will be focusing back to its roots with the slogan “Make It Yours” to harness the Maker spirit that’s inside everyone of us. MasterCase was the first to reach us after the exhibition, followed by MasterKeys, MasterAir and MasterGel lineup.

In this year’s Computex 2016, Cooler Master is revealing not only its new and probably the complete series of its product lineup, but also the bearing fruit of all the effort that has been put into building the Maker Ecosystem for over a year.

Master Concept 2

The Master Concept 2 was the first to be introduced, a case that offers complete modularity that none other is able to offer up to now. We’re not allowed to take any picture of what’s inside but this massive case can do more than just being huge in size.  

By means of complete modularity, the Master Concept case from above can be shrunk to the size of a mere ITX case! 
Meet The Makers
Well, it’s not actually meeting these makers in person, but their workstation. The Power Your Passion campaign that was held earlier, which encourages individuals from diverse backgrounds to pursue their passion, regardless of their technical background. Each of the makers from different industries shared their workstation with Cooler Master products that fulfill the needs for their daily work. 
Apart from the maker systems, Cooler Master also displays some new variety of the MasterCase for the silent PC enthusiasts which these parts can also be acquired separately from Cooler Master store and it’s compatible with the existing MasterCase products to date. 

MasterCase 5, MasterCase Pro 5 and MasterCase Maker 5 was the very first Cooler Master case that’s been introduced after Computex 2015 and this time, we have something that’s rather new and attractive – the MasterCase Maker 5 with red accent and the rather familiar looking handlebar from the past CM Storm Trooper and Stryker for the ease of transport. 
The Accessories
In case if you’ve missed or haven seen our Cooler Master coverage for Computex 2015, here’s the brief idea: Cooler Master is offering a wide variety of modular parts for the MasterCase lineup so its user can customize the case according to their needs that changes from time to time.  
MasterBox Series
We’ve already seen the MasterCase Series as CoolerMaster’s front line product for their PC cases, but what’s with the MasterBox Series? Well, Cooler Master has been working closely with the community to develop products that will meet the needs of the community and the MasterBox Series happens to be one of it!
Same like the MasterCase Maker 5 earlier, the MasterBox appears to have a similar member with the red accent for the gamers. The Red-black accent seems to be a popular one among the gamers isn’t it?
For those of you who fancies a white colored case, here’s the only white member in the MasterBox Series lineup!  
While most of us have been into cases with bottom PSU mount, some still being nostalgic of a case with top PSU mount. Here’s one from the MasterBox Series lineup, an mATX case with top PSU mount and some enhancement such as SSD mount at the bottom, PSU cable support, dual 120mm fan mount at the front and more! 
MasterAir Lineup
Other than the MasterAir Maker 8 from months ago, Cooler Master have also revealed a series of CPU cooler in the MasterAir Series lineup, where the number of each model represents the total number of heat pipes being used for its copper base that yields different cooling performance. It does look promising but Cooler Master have yet to announce the availability of these CPU coolers. 
MasterGel Lineup
Other than the MasterGel Maker Nano, Cooler Master reveals 2 of its other MasterGel thermal compound with different properties, spreading rate and price for different needs. The MasterGel as the entry-level thermal compound, MasterGel Pro as the supposed mainstream thermal compound and the MasterGel Maker Nano for the enthusiasts who wants the best thermal compound for the best possible thermal conductivity.
MasterWatt Lineup
The MasterWatt is Cooler Master’s power supply that is made for different types of users, where each of the MasterWatt comes with different 80 Plus efficiency rating, modularity, and features: 
  • MasterWatt for the entry-level users – 80 Plus bronze efficiency, non-modular cables 
  • MasterWatt Pro for the mainstream users – 80 Plus Gold efficiency, semi-modular cables
  • MasterWatt Maker for the enthusiasts – 80 Plus Titanium efficiency, fully modular cables and with high-end digital signal processor that allows control, monitor, and adjustments to be done with Cooler Master Connect
MasterKeys & MasterMouse Lineup
The MasterKeys is one of our favorite, with the Pro S and Pro L being introduced early of this year, Cooler Master now adds in the MasterKeys Pro M as the balance point between both full sized keyboard and a tenkeyless keyboard. It does, however, reminded us of the Quick Fire TK back then.
As for the MasterMouse, we’ve only managed to see the rather coarse mocked up version of it last year but they’ve finally made it to this year’s Computex 2016. It comes available in 2 sizes, one that is meant for users with smaller palm size and another one with interchangeable top and side cover for users with middle-sized or large-sized palm. 
MasterLiquid – Cooler Master’s New Dual Chamber AIO Liquid Cooler
The Cooler Master Nepton Series AIO liquid cooler has proven its outstanding cooling performance through our test but as we’re all aware that Asetek has pursued lawsuits against Cooler Master for patent infringement. In respond to that, Cooler Master has put in a lot of effort in designing its new AIO liquid cooler, the MasterLiquid Series.

The MasterLiquid Series AIO liquid cooler is made up of 2 unique chambers to contain both cold and warm liquid in each chamber for better cooling performance.