The Malaysian Independence Day, as known as Hari Merdeka in Malay is the day where we celebrate our independence from the UK colony. Apart from celebrating our independence for the 58th year, it is a day where we celebrate unity of the people in our country that made the independence happen.
We would like to seize the opportunity to do a little #throwback on one of the recent events that shows that we, Malaysians, unite as one, regardless of skin color and the language we speak.

Buka Puasa Bersama Corsair
This little buka puasa event, co-organized by A.P.E.S. Wangsa Maju, Corsair Malaysia and Cudo Technologies, was held at the Wangsa Maju branch of A.P.E.S. itself.
We were greeted by PC enthusiasts from Malaysia, mainly from members in URH (United Rig Hunters) and also, this event is emcee-d by Farhan Johari from Era of the Geeks.
A wide range of products from Corsair is also displayed at the event itself.
Corsair Malaysia also arranged mystery gifts for those who brought their rigs that uses Corsair products or casing.
Attendee’s rigs gather together to buka raya too!
Philippine modder, Andrew Lee’s made-from-scratch rig powered by Corsair products is displayed as well.
Attendees are required to register themselves at the event.
Attendees also hang out in A.P.E.S., reminiscing old times maybe?
Rinie Ramly, from eSports Malaysia attended the event as well.
Time to buka puasa soon! Of course, a group picture is obligatory.
Quickly, we headed on to Cozy Place for a buka puasa event.
Foods grabbed, prayers said, what’s next? makan la!
And of course, charming Farhan would be the one emceeing the second part of the gathering as well!
Not only that, there was lucky draw and Q&A sessions held as well. Lucky winners walk away prizes ranging from apparels to headsets!
If you’re wondering why would there be a small rig setup at the makan place, it was setup for users to give a (modded) Corsair K70 RGB keyboard a try!
That is all for this little event. Small event, yet big impact on realizing that we as Malaysians can unite together over same interests.
Also, credits to Hilmi Baharin for the pictures (Thanks Hilmi for authorizing the use of these pictures). The person who was supposed to provide the pictures of this event has his picture capturing device wiped out (accidentally) without backout.