BIOSTAR has geared up and readied its AMD motherboards to support the Ryzen 5000G series desktop CPUs.

BIOSTAR AMD Ryzen 5000G Series Support

Codenamed “Cezanne”, the AMD Ryzen 5000G series desktop CPU is currently one of the most practical components in the market thanks to the global chip shortage leading to the scarcity of discreet GPUs. Gamers especially the low-budget ones are so dependent on integrated GPUs that the Cezanne chip’s value is just that dang attractive. Therefore, the brand has tested, prepared, and released updates for its line of motherboards equipped with AMD chipsets so that budget DIY builders can get the full feature set alongside system stability.

BIOSTAR has also provided download links to the BIOS update for all the associated motherboards so click on the model names to do so.

Model BIOS version
(Could Boot)
BIOS version
(Full support)
B550GTA B55AG201.BST B55AG730.BST
B550GTQ B55AS204.BST B55AS730.BST
B550MX/E PRO B55DS325.BSS B55DS730.BSS
B550MH B55AS204.BSS B55AS730.BSS
A520MH A52AS204.BSS A52AS618.BSS
B450GT B45HS204.BST B45HS616.BST
B450MX B45HS118.BSS B45HS616.BSS
B450MX-S B45JS127.BSS B45JS616.BSS
B450MH B45CS127.BSS B45CS616.BSS
B450NH B45AK204.BSS B45AK616.BSS

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