EA and DICE have announced that they have partnered with NVIDIA to add Team Green’s exclusive RTX game-related techs into Battlefield 2042 that is slated to be Early Access next week.

Battlefield 2042 NVIDIA RTX

As part of the #PCMasterRace benefits, the PC version of the game will get exclusive enhancements powered by NVIDIA RTX that includes ray-traced ambient occlusion to give out realistic shading towards objects and surroundings that you might be able to work to your advantage by estimating how far you are from a point of interest. Technicality-wise, the NVIDIA Reflex will help users with a compatible monitor and RTX GPU to minimize system latency and provide users snappy responses to all the chaos happening around the war zone. If ray tracing graphics is taking a toll on your frame rate, turn on NVIDIA DLSS to get them back while still enjoying all the RTX visuals.

Catch the PC tech trailer down below to see some test footage in action.

The Early Access period will begin starting next Friday on November 12 with the Day 1 launch being another week after that.


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