AVF has been around for years and its a familiar brand to those who seeks for budget friendly peripherals. AVF joined the competition with their own branding for gaming peripherals known as Gaming Freak, aimed to provide affordable gaming peripherals with decent quality.
We were given the chance to try out one of its latest product under the Gaming Freak brand, million thanks to AV Future Link Sdn. Bhd. in provision of the Gaming Freak AMP-G1 Xtra Large Speed Edition Gaming Mousepad.
  • Model: AMP-G1
  • Dimension: W395mm x H315mm
  • Thickness: 4mm

The packaging isn’t as attractive as other renown brands like Razer, SteelSeries, etc, but we’d say that AVF did put up a good effort, especially for the cut out at the front of the box to enable user to feel the texture of the cloth surface.
Brief detail on the feature of the mousepad can be found at the side of the box.
The AVG Gaming Freak AMP-G1 gaming mousepad, not a fancy looking one we’d say but the large surface and 4mm thickness is a steal for a gaming mousepad at the price of RM 59.00. 
An up close view on the surface of the mousepad reveals that the quality of the cloth used greatly resembles the gaming mousepad from renown brands. 
The rubber base of the mousepad shares the similar pattern of the ones we commonly see on cloth gaming mousepad like Roccat, Razer, SteelSeries and will provide the same amount of grip that you’ll need.
What’s more the AMP-G1 mousepad has a 4mm total of thickness to provide that extra comfort which somehow, making it a great alternative for the SteelSeries QCK Heavy which the AMP-G1 greatly resembles to, except for the extra thickness of 6mm. 
User Experience
We’re very skeptical with the AMP-G1 at first, so we ran a few test with one of our favorite gaming mouse, the CM Storm Reaper for a few weeks and we’re very impressed with the result we have. Tracking was excellent and no visible skipping nor jitters was found throughout the test, all thanks to the slick and seamless surface like most speed edition gaming mousepad that allows our gaming mouse to glide quickly with almost no hindrance at all. 
Apart of that, the soft rubber base gave us the similar comfort that we’ve experienced from the SteelSeries QCK Heavy. It’s a very pleasing experience in overall, greatly exceeded our initial expectation as a budget gaming peripheral.
As they said, nothing is perfect and things goes the same for the AMP-G1 gaming mousepad. Although we can almost conclude that it is one of the best bang for the buck gaming mousepad to own, we’ve noticed that the edges frayed off over time. There are few brands that have already stepped up to enhance the quality of their cloth gaming mousepad with stitched edged to overcome the fraying issue and further lengthen the lifespan of the mousepad itself. 
Final Thoughts
To sum things up, the AVF Gaming Freak AMP-G1 gaming mousepad is one pretty decent gaming mousepad money can buy. While there are minor issues like fraying edges over time, the AMP-G1 gaming mousepad is still undoubtedly one of the best low cost gaming mousepad we’ve tried so far and we highly recommend it, especially for those who seeks for a lower cost alternative for thick cloth gaming mousepad like the SteelSeries QCK Heavy – RM 59.00 is well spent.
  • Slick and seamless surface that gives a very pleasant mouse glide experience
  • Alternative for thick cloth gaming mousepad at a lower cost
  • Excellent tracking, no skipping nor jitters noticed
  • Strong grip from the non-slip rubber base

  • The edge of the mousepad will fray over time
  • The printing looks cheap and it’s only limited to one design


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