ASUS has unveiled its comprehensive solutions for high-performance computing (HPC), AI, and various enterprise needs at its Data Center Solutions VIP Showcase at COMPUTEX 2024.

ASUS server and data storage for HPC and AI COMPUTEX 2024 featured

For starters, the brand has unveiled its latest RS700-E12 and RS720-E12 series servers crafted for top performance and efficient power consumption and feature modular designs for easier maintenance. Powered by Intel Xeon 6 processors and equipped with ASPEED AST2600 and PFR AST1060, both servers boast improved CPU performance, robust out-of-band management, and enhanced security. Also, the new architecture utilizes Intel 7 and Intel 3 processes to deliver optimal efficiency and reliability across various workloads.

To meet the high demands for data storage driven by HPC and AI trends, ASUS also showcases the VS320D series SAN storage solution, featuring the VS320-RS12 and VS320D-RS26 models. Designed for a wide range of workloads, both of them pack dual controllers and an intuitive software interface for high availability in critical applications including databases, virtualization, and media editing.

Furthermore, the VS320D series supports high-speed data transmission via iSCSI and Fiber Channel to ensure reliable access to data while incorporating advanced security protocols to protect sensitive information and prevent ransomware attacks.

Speaking of HPC and AI data centers, ASUS has been offering powerful computing solutions and efficient software platforms such as the ASUS AI Foundry Services, which streamline operations and enhance productivity with a comprehensive package that includes a web portal, scheduler, resource allocations, software implementation, and service operations.

And earlier this year, the brand also teamed up with WEKA.IO to bring software-defined storage, enhancing solutions for generative AI with fast, scalable, and efficient storage for AI training and inference. Plus, ASUS has collaborated with Phison and Deepmentor to provide mid-sized companies with a generative AI all-in-one solution, preloading complex LLMs onto a single server with a user-friendly interface for easy setup and operation.

All-in-all, these advancements reflect the brand’s commitment to evolving with technological demands, ensuring comprehensive, high-performance solutions for diverse organizational needs.


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