KLEVV, a prominent name in memory solutions, made a notable appearance at COMPUTEX 2024. Their showcase highlighted a commitment to innovation across various memory technology segments.

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The highlight of the presentation was the G560, a Gen 5×4 NVMe SSD. This powerhouse boasts impressive read/write speeds of up to 14,000 MB/s, catering to users demanding top-tier performance.

The G560 features a substantial heatsink for thermal management, but interestingly, lacks an active cooling fan. Time will tell how this design choice translates to real-world performance and thermal stability.

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For users seeking high-performance RAM solutions, KLEVV unveiled a special edition of their CRAS V RGB RAM co-branded with Republic of Gamers (ROG). This XMP-enabled RAM promises speeds of up to 7200 MT/s, ideal for enthusiast-grade PC builds and high-performance computing applications.

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KLEVV didn’t neglect budget-conscious users or those seeking a more minimalist aesthetic. The Urbane V RAM offers a sleek design with RGB lighting, catering to those who prioritize aesthetics alongside functionality. For users on a tighter budget, the Fit V RAM provides a low-profile, non-RGB solution that ensures compatibility with large air coolers.

KLEVV Unveils High-Speed G560 PCIe SSD, ROG Co-Branded RAM at COMPUTEX 2024 1

Perhaps the most intriguing reveal was the LPCAMM2 module. This innovative design represents a potential future replacement for traditional laptop RAM. The LPCAMM2 allows for screw-on installation, enabling easier RAM upgrades while maintaining a soldered look for a more streamlined laptop design.

However, it’s important to note that this technology is not yet adopted by any laptop manufacturers. Its future hinges on industry-wide acceptance and integration into upcoming laptop designs.

KLEVV Unveils High-Speed G560 PCIe SSD, ROG Co-Branded RAM at COMPUTEX 2024 3

Overall, KLEVV’s COMPUTEX 2024 announcements showcase a dedication to pushing the boundaries of memory technology.

Whether it’s the high-speed G560 SSD, the ROG-branded CRAS V RGB RAM for enthusiasts, the upcoming Urbane V & Fit V modules, or the innovative LPCAMM2 module for the future, KLEVV demonstrates a commitment to offering solutions for diverse user needs and anticipating future trends in the memory technology landscape.


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