As one of the largest memory chip manufacturer howling from South Korea, SK Hynix also joined COMPUTEX 2024 where they brought along some of their stuff for us to look at.

Computex 2024 SK Hynix 06

To start off the list, we have the Platinum P51 SSD that runs on PCIe 5.0 x4 interface that can reach up to 13,500MBps sequential reed and 11,500MBps sequential writes and this is all thanks to the in-house Aries controller.

Computex 2024 SK Hynix 07

Next up we have something special in the form of the Haechi H02 which is actually a heatsink and not a drive. The drive made for it is the P41 though. In terms of what it is made for, it is for the PS5’s PCIe SSD expansion slot to keep your new drive operating at the best condition. We do know it will go on sale starting this month too.

Computex 2024 SK Hynix 08

The Beetle X31 is also showcased here with a nice gold paint resembling an ancient Egypt relic.

Computex 2024 SK Hynix 03

Then we have the Tube T31 that comes in this standard Black color but if you have the chance and money, you may come across this limited edition Lies of P collab model with a unique printing on the enclosure based on the protagonist’s arm.

Although it looks like a standard thumb drive trust me it can work as fast as an SSD. And yeah, the limited edition only has 1000 units worldwide so don’t miss it out when it is listed for sale in your region.

Computex 2024 SK Hynix 05

Now here is the interesting part – the session is actually hosted by Hitachi LG Data Storage Inc. where it is established back in 2000 and has been known for churning out parts for optical drives and such.

Computex 2024 SK Hynix 11

As part of the increasing demand for lower-tier products, the company stepped in and created the ‘super multi’ branding with some sort of partnership with SK Hynix. This brand currently produces SSDs, RAM sticks, and such. The ones they showed there have MagSafe-compatible drives, ones with magnetic cover, etc.

Computex 2024 SK Hynix 10

But in the future, the ‘super multi | SK Hynix’ branding will completely replace the existing “purist” SK Hynix while the budget section will see the HLDS logo instead.


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