We recently took the ASUS BR1100F for a spin and it may be one of the most dedicated products we have reviewed that was made specifically for children in the context of digital learning. Some of you may already have the intention to get one of them for the youngsters, but how? ASUS has finally brought forward the solution for you.


The company has officially launched a campaign for the laptop where both parents and private educators can apply for a chance of experiencing the product first-hand. For the dads and moms, you’ll be notified to head over to the nearest location with demo units while education organizations can directly apply for a test deployment within the school premise and see whether it fits the learning environment. And yes, the services are free of charge and easily registered through the link here. Private educators are encouraged to apply through the link as there’s no additional process they need to go through for such service while the public sector will require management to consult with the Ministry of Education.


To recap, the ASUS BR1100F flips our usual expectation of a laptop – powerful internals but somewhat fragile externals – upside down by only offering minuscule computing power in exchange for build quality and focus completely made to counter issues that children may do to a notebook in addition to some of latest techs to help facilitate a better digital learning experience. In this case, we’ll be highlighting 6 key features.

  • Military-Grade Reliability – The device can take quite a bash against drops and bumps especially with children being clumsy and all
  • All-Round Rubber Bumper – Additional layer of thick rubber to round off any edge corners to reduce the risk of children being hurt
  • Spill-Resistant Keyboard – Spilled some water during online class? Just wipe them off gently and continue as usual; No additional drying required
  • AI Noise Cancelling Microphone – Eliminate ambient cues to record clear voice inputs
  • Noise Reduction Camera – Lens that reduces noises for a better video quality during learning sessions
  • Physical Webcam Shutter – Say goodbye to any potential peeping toms

For additional information, check out the video below or head over to the product page.


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