Razer Malaysia is officially bringing the latest wireless Bluetooth headphones, the Razer Opus X.

Razer Opus X 2

The new Razer Opus X may be one of the few products in the company’s lineup without the THX branding especially given that it is an audio-based device. Despite that, it is still designed for maximum comfort and crisp quality in mind. The headphone utilizes custom-tuned 40mm drivers to deliver great audio outputs and uses Bluetooth 5.0 for communicating wireless, a standard that is getting widely adopted due to the inherent higher bandwidth and lower power consumption. Most importantly, it eliminates ambient cues for both the user and those who are in a voice call through ANC and a dual-array microphone to ensure you can listen to and speak the important bits without disturbance. The expected battery life per full charge is about 30 hours with ANC on and 40 hours without ANC.


Available in colors of Razer Green, Mercury White, and Quartz Pink, you can get the Razer Opus X at RM499 starting today.


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