ASUS Announces A88X-Gamer, priced at RM409 1

Lumpur, Malaysia (14th August, 2014)
Malaysia today announced the immediate availability of A88X-Gamer here in
Malaysia. The new AMD® A88X chipset-based ATX
gaming motherboard engineered with exclusive technologies to deliver absolute
A88X-Gamer is equipped
with the latest Intel®
Gigabit Ethernet networking for fast, lag-free online-gaming experiences,
exclusive SupremeFX technology for flawless gaming audio and exclusive Gamer’s
Guardian components for exceptional durability and reliability. It also
includes the ASUS-exclusive AI Suite 3 software to unleash the true power of
AMD accelerated-processing units (APUs).

ASUS Announces A88X-Gamer, priced at RM409 3

Gaming audio
A88X-Gamer players benefit
from exclusive SupremeFX technology for near-lossless audio with a remarkable
signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 115dB — so gamers hear every sound detail.
The advanced audio
chipset is isolated from electromagnetic interference (EMI) by a protective
shield, preserving the integrity of the audio signals. Exclusive ‘red-line
shielding’ horizontally separates SupremeFX audio components from the rest of
the motherboard. This unique combination effectively eliminates analog
interference to ensure flawless sound quality. Premium ELNA® audio
capacitors are added to the mix to deliver a warmer, natural sound to complete
the audio experience.
SupremeFX also has a
built-in amplifier that drives high-quality headphones — all the way up to
300ohm impedance — for sound quality that’s as great as a dedicated sound card.
ASUS Announces A88X-Gamer, priced at RM409 5
Gaming networking
A88X-Gamer’s networking is powered by Intel Gigabit Ethernet. This offers exceptionally-high Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and User Datagram Protocol (UDP) throughput, lowering overall processing demands and improving efficiency — releasing more power for games and gameplay.
ASUS Announces A88X-Gamer, priced at RM409 7

Gamer’s Guardian components
A88X-Gamer is
engineered with high-quality, highly-durable Gamer’s Guardian components for
exceptional real-world protection.
Gamer’s Guardian includes
onboard resettable fuses that protect the connection ports and DRAM against
overcurrent and short-circuit damage, while exceptionally high-quality,
Japanese-made 10K black-metallic capacitors offer greater temperature endurance
and improved lifespans.
Gamer’s Guardian ESD
Guards on the USB ports, audio connectors and Ethernet (LAN) port ensure that A88X-Gamer
is actively protected against sudden electrostatic discharge (ESD). The result
is that the components last much longer.
A88X-Gamer also has the
ASUS-exclusive Digi+ voltage-regulator module (VRM) to enhance performance,
increase efficiency and ensure reliability, and a stainless-steel back
input/output (I/O) panel that’s chromium-plated and corrosion-resistant to last
up to three times (3X) longer than traditional panels.
Envelope-pushing APU performance with AI Suite 3
A88X-Gamer includes AI
Suite 3, an ASUS-exclusive dashboard-style control panel that lets gamers fine-tune
almost every aspect of A88X-Gamer-based systems for the best balance between
performance, stability and efficiency — all via a simple and intuitive

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