While most of us can’t really see any benefits on the graphics performance with PCIe Gen4, speed freaks are digging the speed of what PCIe Gen4 SSD can deliver as compared to what we have currently on PCIe Gen3. AMD X570 and TRX40 motherboards are the only platforms that support PCIe Gen4 for now but these motherboards don’t come cheap and the rumored, upcoming B550 motherboards are probably the alternative to go with if it really supports PCIe Gen4.

AMD has yet to release any official statement on the B550 motherboards but videocardz recently reported a ‘strange launch’ of B550A or B450X motherboard for the system integrators. It’s been pointed out that this is not a true B550 motherboard, but a refreshed B450 motherboard.

PCIe 4.0 is supported on this motherboard, but only on the primary PCIe slot that is connected directly to the CPU. During the time when AMD announced its 3rd Gen Ryzen desktop CPUs and X570 motherboards, some of the 400-chipset boards are known to be compatible with PCIe 4.0 but that has been removed with the AGESA update.

The proper B550 motherboards are expected to support PCIe Gen4 on all slots and videocardz has attached a picture of a proper B550 motherboard from their source at SOYO, a company behind the Chinese Maxsun. Not much information is available for now but let’s hope that the COVID-19 doesn’t get in the way this time and we’ll get to see the board soon enough with all the factories supplying the core components started to operate again after the major shutdown in February 2020.

AMD B550 chipset motherboard leaked


Source: Videocardz



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