If you’re one of the users who is having thermal issues with your AMD Ryzen 3000 desktop even after upgrading from the stock cooler to a liquid cooler with 360mm radiator, the RYZEN 3000 OC Bracket Mounts that was recently announced by renown overclocker Roman “der8auer” Hartung is probably the solution you’ve been longing for.

The RYZEN 3000 OC Bracket Mounts is the result of continuous research by der8auer to do direct die cooling AMD Ryzen 3000 CPU, which is impossible to achieve on the original design due to the position of the I/O die and core chiplets that sits below the plastic socket. Because of the different hotspot positions on some of the Ryzen 3000 CPUs, some coolers made for AM4 socket might not be able to perform as effective as how it cools an Intel CPU which its die is located in the center of the unit.

Ryzen 3000 OC Bracket Mount – AIO and Custom

The RYZEN 3000 OC Bracket Mounts comes available in two versions, AIO bracket, and custom bracket. Both of the mounting brackets will allow users to shift the position of the CPU block of their liquid cooler or custom water block to the exact hotspot center on different Ryzen 3000 CPU to achieve the optimal cooling performance without any major modification.

For those who are using an AIO with the standard AMD mounting mechanism, the RYZEN 3000 OC AIO bracket is the one to go for. The screws and mount can be adjusted according to the table provided in the user’s guide, which shows you the exact measurement of where to position the CPU block to achieve the optimal cooling performance for the AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs.

der8auer did specifically mentioned that he hasn’t tested the bracket with air coolers and we would advise you to not take the risk if you plan to use it with an air cooler.

As for the custom water block or AIO liquid cooler that uses the mounting mechanism with four screw holes, the RYZEN 3000 OC Bracket Mounts Custom is the one to go for. Similar to what you’ll get with the AIO version, der8auer is thoughtful enough to include the stencils to make the installation as easy as possible.

Price and Availability

Both the RYZEN 3000 OC Bracket Mounts AIO and Custom are now available on Caseking website at the price of €29.90 each. It’s unknown if Caseking will ship these to Malaysia, but it’s definitely a great add-on for AMD Ryzen 3000 CPU which I personally think is worth going through the trouble with international shipping just to own one yourself.

Source: der8auer’s Youtube Channel, der8auer’s Website, Caseking


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