Alienware’s very first attempt at external GPU (eGPU) can be traced back to 2014 where the Alienware Graphics Amplifier’s capability of delivering superior graphical processing power towards any laptop has been a lifesaver for mobile users ever since. But now, the Concept Polaris shown at CES 2022 is prepared to elevate every aspect.

Alienware Concept Polaris 1

Designed with tons of feedback from fans of the community, Concept Polaris is going to stay true to its core audience which is the core Alienware customers who prioritize performance-driven benefits first with other things coming later. Since eGPU are made to compliment laptops to become as powerful as a desktop machine, Alienware is also bringing some of the desktop advantages over to Concept Polaris to fully realize a mobile battle station. Looking at the appearance, the current build of the project features an Alienware Legend 2.0 ID with soft rounded edges, well-placed cable routing cut-ins together with the Alien FX loop lighting where the unit can be placed vertically and horizontally with 2 blocks of 330W/425W external AC adapters (model dependent) driving the entire thing to maximum effectiveness. While that’s a bummer compared to the old Alienware Graphics Amplifier with a built-in power supply, this does mean that the heat from the PSU is not dissipated within the chassis so that’s something.

Made to host any 16-inch desktop-grade GPU, the internals is liquid-cooled with the brand’s 240mm Cryo-Tech solution that includes the Element 31 thermal interface material for quicker heat transfer while the plethora of I/O ports consisting of Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4, and USB 4 essentially gives Concept Polaris unmatched compatibility across any modern laptop it pairs with while the other USB-As and USB-Cs with 2.5 GbE round up the entire “desktop-like experience” we talked about just now.

Although this may look exciting/disappointing to some people, Concept Polaris is still a concept that may come out as an entirely different thing when launched commercially but we’ll see how it will move the eGPU market or by simply setting a standard for other competitors to match towards.


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