Malaysia’s ever-increasing demand for faster storage drives sees a temporary solution in the form of AGI’s new AI818 PCIe 4.0 SSD.

AGI AI818 Gen4 SSD 1

Going for a middle-tier performance at an affordable price, the AI818 offers read and write speeds of up to 5200MBps which is more than enough for the casual and semi-professional systems that process large single files like high-resolution photos and videos.

Despite the market still has some PCIe 3.0 drives floating around, the cost-to-performance ratio of even the budget selects rocking PCIe 4.0 protocol is just way too good to look over.

AGI AI818 Gen4 SSD 2

By the way, the AI818 can also be used with PS5 with no heatsink clearance problem thanks to the graphene heat sink cooling the drive sufficiently for great sustained performance.

Capacity-wise, you have 1TB and 2TB which is plentiful for most people out there.


The AGI AI818 PCIe 4.0 SSD is available in Malaysia on Afforda.


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