AMD has launched its newest AMD Radeon PRO W7700 workstation graphics card, tailored to meet the needs of professional workflows by offering excellent reliability, stability, and price-performance ratio for content creation, CAD, and AI applications.

AMD Radeon PRO W7700 Workstation GPU 1

Built on the AMD RDNA 3 architecture, the new Radeon PRO W7700 workstation GPU delivers higher performances of up to 52% in SOLIDWORKS, up to 24% in Creo, as well as up to 37% in CATIA compared to competitor solutions, with a SEP of USD$999.

Not only that, but the GPU also boasts hardware-based AI accelerators to speed up AI workloads in applications like DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere, Topaz Labs Video AI, and so on.

Plus, it supports the latest codecs with AV1 encode/decode and AI-enhanced video encoding capabilities that streamline and accelerate video production.


ModelAMD Radeon PRO W7700
Compute Unit & Ray Accelerators48
AI Accelerators96
TFLOPS (Peak Single Precision)28 (FP32)
GDDR6 Memory (with ECC)16GB
Memory Bus256-bit
Display Output4 x UHBR 13.5 DisplayPort 2.1
Total Board Power190W

Kindly refer to the following link for more information on the AMD Radeon PRO W770 workstation graphics card:


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