addlink has released a brand new PCIe SSD that might be the one to end your suffering of insufficient storage space on your beloved PS5.

addlink 8TB A95 PCIe 4.0 SSD 1

Under the AddGame family, the A95 comes in a staggering 8TB capacity which will provide all the space you need to offload some of the biggest titles in the market like Call of Duty, Baldur’s Gate 3, NBA 2K23, and more.

Part of making this achievement possible is Sony’s latest PS5 firmware update scaling the supported capacity of external PCIe SSDs from 4TB to 8TB.

Equipped with a Phison E18 controller, the A95 is capable of delivering 6GBps read speeds under a PS5 environment which is more than enough for the rated standard of 5GBps.

If used by a PC, it can even do up to 7GBps/6GBps reads and writes for even more sequential performance that benefits single large files the most.

With 6000TBW endurance, you can write days and nights of different games and files to it and still have it up and running for years to come.


The addlink A95 8TB drive will be made available around the end of September and will launch first on Amazon US and UK.


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