addlink has revealed its latest product in the NVMe SSD lineup and it is the new S93 drive.

addlink S93 2

Perhaps the fastest drive by the brand targeted towards consumers, this 2.25mm thin SSD is capable of reaching 7400MBps read and 6500MBps write speeds.

With more than enough performance to tackle even the largest single files, random I/O figure is also not too shabby at 1000K. Combined with the use of SLC memory as cache, the burst and sustained speeds are top of the line as well.

The S93 even operates at a lower power rate for better battery life (If you’re using it in a laptop) and like any other drive, as long as the connector is M.2 and has enough space for a 2280 drive, it can take it in no matter it is the older PCIe 3.0 motherboards or the latest PCIe 5.0 ones.


The addlink S93 SSD is available for purchase right now on Amazon US


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