We have seen terms such as Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR) appeared in our social media and daily lives. However, a new term that has spawned in recent years has combined all 3 under a single umbrella which is Extended Reality (XR) – things you may see on live streams such as The International and League of Legends World Championship series.

xR Stage Malaysia About

The entry to the rising industry in Malaysia has been started by the collaborating efforts of 3Particle Solution and Goichi Academy forming the driving force behind xR Stage, the country’s 1st xR virtual production provider. Built upon the foundations of a vast range of professionals from the production industry such as sound, light, video, LED, broadcast, and cine, xR Stage is capable of providing complete xR solutions to businesses who desire to materialize their wildest ideas through some of the most innovative systems. In general, everything will be live-captured, rendered, and placed within everything shot by the camera where both the broadcasters and viewers are looking at the exact same output.

Here is a list of advantages where extended reality beats over traditional green screen methods.

  • Next Generation Immersion
  • In-Camera VFX
  • Real-Time Adjustments
  • Seamless Camera Tracking
  • No Color Key or Spill
  • Fast and Accurate Calibrating Process
  • Lighting and Content Integration
  • Full 3D Pre-Visualization

The founders have also revealed that the software utilized by the hardware involves Unreal Engine, disguise, and Mo-Sys and this is where Goichi Academy comes in to fill the shoes of the educational field as they will be in charge of nurturing students to become skillful individuals who specialize in the field of XR whether it is in practical work or knowledge expansion. Local talents are always the key to start up something new.

xR Stage Malaysia Location

Currently, there are over 282 xR-ready studios around the world with 65 of them located in the APAC region. And you guessed it, Malaysia’s xR Stage is located at Sunway Subang Business Park near the Sultan Aziz Shah Airport, fully recognized by disguise and ready to serve any businesses from live broadcast to commercials.


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