Earlier this month, users of the Windows 11 Insider build have been experiencing some high CPU usage here and there, which could possibly be due to the Microsoft Cross Device Service.

Windows 11 high CPU usage Microsoft Cross Device Service featuredIn case you didn’t know, the Cross Device Service enables a Windows PC to connect, synchronize, and share files with devices such as phones, and it is a crucial part of the Phone Link feature in Windows.

And with the recent Windows 11 Beta Insider builds that are testing features for better Phone Link support, there might be bugs slipped through that leads Cross Device service to cause high CPU usage issues to many users.

According to Neowin’s reporting, Microsoft engineer Jennifer G has responded to this issue and stated that the company began investigating a resolution last week, but we still have yet to receive any fix at the moment.

But hey, at least the most recent update has improved Android file sharing, and an update from February has enhanced the Cross Device Experience Host which replaced remote capture. Well, hopefully Microsoft will be bringing us an update soon to fix this issue.


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