So about 2 weeks ago, Framework made a pretty ‘interesting’ post on X that says about AI branding on landing page, likely responding to all the AI buzz at COMPUTEX 2024.

Framework lightly roasts competitors AI Branding featured

Shortly after the said post, the company followed up with another post that stated May was its highest revenue month ever since its launching, which might also translate into the absence of AI branding has not negatively affected its sales numbers.

But check this out: Framework Laptop 16 with Ryzen 7 7840HS or Ryzen 9 7940HS, as well as the Framework Laptop 13 with Intel Core Ultra 5 125H, Ultra 7 155H, or Ultra 7 165H. So did you notice, that these are actually all AI CPUs?

Well, you can say that the NPUs and other features on these modern AI devices are technically ‘AI’, and marketers may use the AI braining as they like. But as a consumer, Framework has somehow reminded us that we should still keep in mind that AI on PCs is not yet advanced enough for people to rely on them for everything.

Speaking of that, many brands such as AMD, HP, and so on have already incorporated AI and added some AI branding to their products.

Surely people would get tired of all the AI things thrown at them constantly, but hey it is not a bad thing overall for consumers. As hardware manufacturers and software providers come together for one thing, at least the AI trend will not go stale for the foreseeable future.

(sources: Tom’s Hardware)


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