Whether we like it or not, all of us need a computer in our everyday life. A lot of people use a PC or a laptop at work and at home, whereas others only need one at work, but pretty much every job nowadays requires people to know how to use one and to access the things they need.

With that said, choosing a computer for our daily tasks is not as easy as before because there are many options out there. Some of them seem a lot better on paper and provide more things than others, but not everyone has to spend thousands of dollars to get something that will work just fine.

Since many people are unsure what to pay attention to when choosing a computer, this article will go over the things that deserve a lot more attention than others, especially for Canadian users.


Starting with the first important thing, having a good CPU is a must for pretty much everything, including online gambling. If you decide to indulge in top-notch online gaming excitement with Quatro Casino in Canada, which offers an enchanting world of possibilities, you will need to have a solid CPU because the games here are amazing and will require a powerful CPU so you can put them to the test. The same applies to online gaming, as well as many other things.

There are a lot of criteria you should focus on when choosing a CPU, but the GHZ is probably the most important part. Even though having more GHz does not always mean a given CPU is better, it usually indicates that the processor will be powerful enough for your tasks.

When talking about a CPU, we also need to mention the cores. Unlike a couple of years ago, today, we have CPUs with 4, 6, 8, and even more cores, so it all depends on what you need. Although it is always better to have a little bit extra on top of what you need, keep in mind that some of the multi-core processors can cost a lot of money, So set a budget before deciding what to go for.


Although many people in Canada often underestimate the importance of RAM, this is one of the things that everyone has to focus on when deciding what kind of computer to use. Some of you may remember, but the RAM was costly at the beginning of 2020, so people who built PCs back then had to cut corners. Fortunately, this is no longer the case, meaning that the RAM is a lot cheaper, and users do not need to worry about it.

Even though 8 GB ram is the standard right now, it is better to have a bit more, so most people who build PCs or are looking for a laptop for their daily needs focus on 16 GB. That said, those who want optimal performance should get 32 GB or more because this allows them to have even better results.


Even though the average Canadian PC user does not need a powerful GPU, this is not the case for everyone. Some people who like to play video games or gamble online will need to have a more powerful GPU because this will allow them to get the best possible performance.

The bad news is that top-tier GPUs can cost a lot of money, especially if people need to have the best of the best. Companies like Intel are aware of it, which is why they offer built-in GPUs with some of their CPUs that are enough for those who do not have to use any graphic-intense things, such as games.


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